BB – 5/19/2021 – Foundry at The County

Designated the Heavy day at the county, and not wanted to disappoint. Honey Do created the Heavy Do list! Attempting to keep it simple, Honey Do listed out a bunch of his favorite exercises, mashed them together and provide ample time for each one to suck. PAX: Holly Roller(R), Yankovic(R), Air Raid(R), Asian Zing(R), Lambeau, Brown Water, Honey Do(Q). Count-O-Rama, Disclaimer, Begin COP: Air press, Grass Grabbers, Toy Solders, Downward Dog, Michael Phelps.

The Thang!

5mins – 20 – Squats | rifle carry | 20 – Merkins

5mins – 20 – Curls | carry | 20 – Overhead press

Wall sit – Line PAX on wall, 1st Pax does 10 squats, move to next, Snake back to 1st person.

Grab partner and head to Playground for 2 rds – P1: Pull ups | P2: 10 Big boys (rotate when P2 Finishes)

5mins – 20 – Skull crushers | farmer carry |20 – Chest press

5mins – 20 – Calf Raises |PAX Pick Carry | 20 – Derkins

5mins – 20 – Rows | 20 – LBC

Time. COR, NOR, Announcements, Intentions – Prayers for Holly Roller’s mother who has been receiving Chemo. I had also mentioned to give a shout out or thanks to the person that HL’d you. Once we concluded I heard Yankovic do that to Holly Roller for HL’d him(Nice Brother).

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