BB-Pelican Q the Chopper at Vets 5.28.21

Memorial Day weekend was a great excuse to get over to Vets and Q a workout. I haven’t been there much but every time I go it’s a “special” experience. Mumblechatter is pretty much always on point no matter who’s the Q or who’s there and this Friday was no exception. Speaking of who’s there despite his Thursday night texts to Jolly and I when he was selling his services, Airplane manage the ol double fart sack. But here’s who was there-

Hush Puppy
Aerobie (R)
Tony Malito
Pelican (Q)

Tidwell made the ride with me after hitting me with the “I know your kids don’t have school tomorrow so you don’t have any excuses to not get me” text. Which was well played-I think I need a summer excuse for when I don’t want to get up earlier than normal.

We ended up lucking out with the weather-no rain when the night before it had said there was a 80% chance of raining during the workout. So we circled up and did some COP stuff which I don’t remember but it was unremarkable and you probably don’t care.

We partnered up and started the thang which was a Dora. Partner 1 took both coupons and fireman carried them around the circle. If you had to put them down you owed 2 manmakers the first time, 4 the next and so on. Partner 2 worked on 100 derkins, 200 dips, and 300 step ups. As I said the first two exercises Tony Malito got a huge grin and rise in his pants. I partnered with Meatball and Bombay since there was an odd number. Everyone made quick work of this Dora and we had about 10 minutes or so to spare. Then we switched to one partner run a lap and the other do manmakers till they got back. We did a few laps a piece and it was time for Mary.

Here we did Gas Pumps, V-Ups and stretched I think. Some highlights from the workout include the discussion about whether to hover or sit down—sit down was the clear winner and really only choice despite Meatballs objections. Bombay got signed up to be January in next years F3 calendar.

Getting to other AOs is something I should do more, always nice to see the PAX you read about on slack or see at convergence (well not the Mutt guys) at their own AO. Meatball tricked me into coming back at the end of June to Q a workout. As Tidwell said use the time the kids are out of school to get out a bit and visit other sites. You won’t regret it.


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