Back-Blast Monday 06-07-2021 – The Incubator @ Poshland

When I got up this morning it was pouring. Checked the weather and it showed a100% chance of rain at 5am and 6am. So on my leisurely drive over to South Posh I was thinking through ways to modify the workout I had planned. As I passed North Posh there were already a bunch of cars there and I realized I was cutting it close to 0530. I definitely came in hot to South Posh so had to start the disclaimer as I was still walking from my car. We had a small but distinguished group this morning with Double Down (R), Stick Up, Buzzsaw, and myself (Dauber). I figured we would just go with the weinke as planned and the rain had stopped for the moment so we moseyed with our coupons over to the Egg Lawn lot by the starting point of the loop for COP…SSHs; Kendra Newmans / Michael Phelps; Grass Grabbers; Downward Dog; Mountain climbers.
The Main Thang was pretty simple.  At the starting point we did 10 ManMakers then ran to loop to the first 1/10th mile marker and completed 10 Merkins and 20 Squats.  Then returned to the starting point for 10 ManMakers, ran to the next 1/10th mile marker and repeated.
While the rain held off, we splashed through puddles the entire time, and continued to search for the least sloppy path to enter and exit the egg lawn loop.  On our final return lap, I finally found the driest path only to then step directly into 3 inches of water in the gutter.  Perfect ending the main thang, so we moseyed with coupons back over to the pavilion for some Mary consisting of flutter kicks, BBSU, Reverse Crunches, ManMakers.  We circled up there for COT…CoR, NoR, announcements, Intentions, and a final prayer.
Great way to start the week, boys.


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