Pre-blast – The County Turns 3! – Jolly Rancher Q at The Loco – 06/08/2021

A long time ago in a galaxy far away…

…from the O, which was the birthplace of F3 Louisville, a few PAX decided to lead a starfish effort off of Poshlands to plant a new shovel flag in Oldham County. After a few BlackOps at Crestwood Elementary, things moved a little back towards Jefferson County where a few more BlackOps determined that St. Aloysius in Pewee Valley [aka “The County”] was the best opportunity.

This was all 3-years ago.

And, as The County started to get numbers 30+ during each of the four weekly opportunities to get better, another starfish was required…and then The Boondocks was born. And, after successfully reaching men that needed F3 in these areas and drawing PAX from the outskirts of Oldham County into Henry County, a new BlackOps is happening on Monday and Friday in LaGrange – which I suspect will soon become an official AO based on the strong number for a VQ this morning!

The point is this: starfishing is a necessary evil.

Some may think it splits the PAX up, but in reality this is how we grow – and growth is fundamental to what we are trying to do here. We need more men to experience the strength and leadership of what being a member of F3 Louisville provides.

So, come out and join me at The Loco at The County to celebrate the continued growth of F3 Louisville.

No coupons required. Bonus points for head locking a Countian OG, though. I’ve already received a few HCs from a few! Looking forward to it!


Jolly Rancher out!

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