Back blast: The Patriot (LaGrange) Black Ops, Yankovic VQ

Seventeen HIMS showed up strong for my VQ:

  1. Honey Dew
  2. Big Bird
  3. Ruby (R)
  4. Swag
  5. Captain Crunchberry
  6. Holy Roller (R)
  7. Yoshi
  8. Focker
  9. Boss Hog (R)
  10. Brownwater
  11. Lambeau
  12. FNG, Shade Tree
  13. Abacus
  14. Asian Zing (R)
  15. Back Flop
  16. Divito
  17. Yankovic (R, Q)

Thanks for the amazing support. We did two ten minute Tobata’s focusing on the whole body and told great workout stories along the way. In the middle we did 10 minutes of sprints up heart break hill. Hearts were pounding. We closed with prayer to stop human trafficking. You can make a difference by donating to this cause. See link posted by Holy Roller.

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