Back Blast – The Ruiner @ The O – 06/12/2021

Great day for a workout where things all started for F3 Louisville. Enjoyed the good mumblechatter with Stick Up and Harry Caray in the extra credit ruck, too.

Time was called and disclaimers provided. It was great to see YNot back out for a second helping of fun after posting for the first time on Thursday.


  • Tammy Faye Baker
  • Shyster
  • YNot
  • NoNuts
  • Sump Pump
  • Vincent (R)
  • Bob Ross
  • Presto (2.0)
  • Tron
  • Flo Jo
  • Silver Dollar
  • Stick Up
  • Harry Caray
  • Jolly Rancher (Q)


We set off for a quick mosey to the tennis courts for some COT which included all of your favorites, like:

  • SSH
  • Downward Dog and Runner Stretches
  • Grass Grabbers
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Copperhead Squats

Thang 1 – Hindenburg BLiMPS

Timeshare told me what he was planning for The Nest and it smelled good enough for the men at The O. So we did. We used the 1/4 mile loop for this basically making it into a square. We did four rounds of Bs (one at each “corner”) and then four rounds of Ls and four rounds of Is, etc. Rep count increase by 10 at each corner for each letter. So, it was as follows:

  • Burpees – 10 each corner; 40 total
  • Lunges – 20 each corner; 80 total
  • Imperial Walkers – 30 each corner; 120 total
  • Merkins – 40 each corner; 160 total
  • Plank Jacks – 50 each corner; 200 total
  • Squats – 60 each corner; 240 total

After each letter, the goal was to flutter kick for the six. We were all pretty tightly packed though so not a whole lot of flutterkicking.

Thang 2 – Merkin Waterfall

Arms needed a little more. So we then went back to the courts and did a quick merkin waterfall. YHC likely didn’t provide great instructions, but it was very clear this was relatively new for the PAX present. We started with 10 reps – I counted out loud to 3 and the PAX next to me goes. Rinse and repeat all the way around the circle. Then, rinse and repeat with 9 reps. Then same all the way down to 1 rep.

Mary – Round Robin

We went around the circle and everyone called their favorite Mary exercise. Silver Dollar is ready for his VQ for anyone wanting to pick it up.

Time was then called.


Countarama. Namearama. Announcements and then intentions in a ball of man.

Special shout-out to Motor Boat was made by YHC. As most of the PAX knew, June 12 was the second anniversary of the birth and passing of their 2.0, Grace. A special Q and weinke was completed on Thursday by Motor Boat (he tries to give me co-Q credit but I didn’t do anything). It was great to see the group on Thursday rally behind him in his time of need. Though, that need always exists – it just manifests itself differently for different days. And that is true for so many of the PAX.

We need to continue to love on one another in our times if need. Be vulnerable. It is not a sign of weakness, but instead a sign of strength.

Love you guys.

Jolly Rancher out!

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