Back Blast Tuesday 06/15/2021 – 2yr Postiversary…The Planetarium @ The Boondocks

Things didn’t go exactly as planned this morning, which was kinda perfect for my 2 year Postiversary.  I’ll start with the most important part…I am extremely grateful and perpetually humbled by the men of F3, and I can’t thank you all enough for all you do for me, F3 and our communities.  Love you guys.  Second most important….someone spilled merlot before the workout.  I’ll start from the top with a quick rundown…
My plan was to run 11s on the basketball court as a repeat from one of my early Qs at the Peggy Baker BO, but I had to adjust as the PAX showed up in strong numbers (17) and we would not fit on the court.  PAX:  Boss Hogg (R), Air Raid (R), Holy Roller (R), Le Pew, Focker, Meter Maid, Backflop, Pelican , Jolly Rancher, Abacus, WILDflower, Flex seal, Lambeau, Hardwood, Honey Do, Timeshare, Dauber (Q).  As a backup plan I grabbed a couple of cones and we set off on a mosey around the Boondocks track and back to the parking lot for COP (Focker and Le Pew ran so fast I had to scream at them a few times to get their attention to come back to the parking lot).  I quickly set up the two cones for 11s and we circled up for the usual COP stuff – SSH, SSH double-time, Grass Grabbers, Kendra Newmans / Michael Phelps, and Downward Dog stretches.
We jumped right into 11s with T-Merkins and Burpees.  I was focused on getting everything going (including the music) and jumped right into the exercises and didn’t even notice the huge puddle of vomit right in the middle of the cones.  Thankfully Pelican alerted me to the smell which then hit me and, honestly, I think I am still smelling it.  I guess I could have moved the cones then, but we just kept going and finished the first set of 11s and then took a lap around the Boondocks track (some clockwise, some counter-clockwise).
I did move the cones down the parking lot away from the spilled merlot for the next set of 11s –  Carolina Dry Docks / Jump Squats….we didn’t move far enough to escape the smell though.  But…we knocked out the 11s and another lap, then returned for a few sprints.  Pelican complained the whole time.  Well, not sure it was the whole time, but it was every time he spoke at least. 
We hustled back to the flag for a quick plank and then over to COT –  CoR, NoR, Announcements (County 5k July 10, Thanks for the headlock Le Pew…etc.), Intentions & Prayer.
Humbled to lead you men this morning.
– Dauber

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