BB-Pelican Q The Foundry about 3 months ago (actually 6/2/21)

Very tardy here, I’d apologize to the Comz Qs but at least one of those guys is a total a-hole so I won’t. There wasn’t a ton of memorable things that happened in this workout except for one thing that I’ll tell you about in my next back blast. For the most part we just got after it in the rain and smoked our shoulders and listened to some ad free music.

The PAX who were there were-



Yankovic (R)


Brown Water



Pelican (Q)

Airplane was actually at the County but saw I was the Q and decided to run instead. Better than a fartsack or a code brown I guess.

I assume and hope no one cares what we did for COP, if you do care its more than likely what I do just about every Q so go find one of those backblasts and read it. I do know we did COP under the portico to save our self some rain drops. I also know I picked up Tidwell and shockingly he was ready to go on time (the joke is that he’s always on time if you needed it splained to you).

After COP we did 15 reps of the below exercises. Partner 1 worked down the board while Partner 2 rifle carried the coupon over to the curb. Switched and Partner 2 started at the top and worked their way down. When you switched back you started wherever you stopped. Once done, just start over.

We did

Upright Rows

Bent Over Rows

One Armed Shrugs

One Armed Rows

Shoulder Press

Front Raises

We went through a few rounds and then took a break for some calf raises and a few ten counts. We went back through a few more times with another break. I don’t think we did Mary but could be wrong.

We circled up and did the things you are supposed to do at the end. Great thing about F3 is when I look at the list of PAX who attended I can say that I knew none of these guys 2 years ago and probably only half of them 1 year ago. Crazy how this brings us together and creates bonds you would have thought not possible until joining. Of course if you made it this far you already know this or are one of the random people who occasionally like my WordPress posts. Sebastian, Bobbie H. Guth and Elizabeth Bogle are some of my WP fans. Can’t forget my first fan Nimish. You all are great. Stay tuned for the next backblast that will be 10x as entertaining as this one–Abyss basketball round 2!

Always humbled to lead,


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