6.14.21 Back Blast-Incubator @ Posh

I’ve been out of practice. Last Q was in March and I’d be lying if I told you that I hadn’t found myself a little disengaged for one reason or another. One being, I owed a couple of back blasts and felt I was doing the PAX a disservice by not getting them out there. Maybe I needed to step back and be more of a participant than a leader? One of the many mental struggles I’ve had to work through. On May 17th, Stick Up reached out and asked me to pick up a Q so I figured it was time to get back on the horse. Side note: Stick Up is a fantastic site Q! He checked in with me before to make sure I was all good, picked up the 6 and even had time to snap a few photos during a bridge Bernie routine. You the man bro!

On a perfect Monday morning at 0530 we had 6 in attendance, disclaimer was given and off we went on a mosey.

PAX: Stick Up, Buzzsaw, Scratch-N-Dent, Dry Dock (DR Atlanta [R]), Double Down (R), BigBird (Q)…but wait…what’s this? Two more clown car’d and came in hot! Add Wabbits and Risky Business to get our # to 8. Let’s Go!!

COP: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Plank Jacks, Mountain Climbers, Runners Stretch, RoL, LoR, Pigeon Stretch, Quad Stretch.

Native American run around the Egg Lawn. It was during this time that YHC heard the mumble chatter between Scratch and Dry Dock. They shared some commonalities like having same number of kids and their ability to play the Tuba. Pretty cool to have a guy come in from another part of the country and be able to have things in common like that.

Tabata: C’mon! Does your Bird ever Q a WO without a round of Tabata? 20 seconds on 10 seconds off: Clerkins

Thang 1: Bernie up the bridge. PAX would have 60 seconds to Bernie up the bridge and mosey back. Rinse and Repeat-O for 10 rounds. It was tough and Quads and Hammies were on fire but we all finished together.

Thang 2: Jack Webb of Box Jumps/Step Ups and Dips. Threw a couple of 10 counts in there but some strong work by everyone to again finish together.

Poor planning on my part to not have enough time for Mary. My wienke was just too darn big! Like I said…a bit out practice.

Time was called and we would circle up for COR, NOR and COT. Double Down was our “6” so we learned who brought him out and how he got his name. He is one of our OG’s and has been coming out for 4 years! We also found out that Dry Dock is about to have his 1 year postiversary and Risky Business (HL’d by Wabbits) made it through his 3rd ever workout. Awesome work men!

We would lift up intentions for Scratch-N-Dent and Double Down who are both taking on new jobs. Continued prayers for Husky. You are an inspiration to us brother and are on all of our minds. Thanked the Sky Q for the prospect of another day and for allowing us the ability to put our two feet on the floor and make the decision to go out and get better together.

Until next time…


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