Back-Blast Saturday 06-19-2021 – The Nest @ The County

I love all of you guys, but I was really looking forward to this morning mostly because my 2.0s were going to join me as a Father’s Day gift and I absolutely love having them there working out together. Saturdays at The Nest with 2.0s is a special experience.  We had a good mix of PAX and 2.0s this morning (including one FNG) – Timeshare, Yankovic (R), Pelican, Meter Maid, Backflop, Super Soaker 2.0, Squirt Gun 2.0, Wet Bandit , Cross Check 2.0 (FNG), Jolly Rancher, Honey Do, Muscle Milk 2.0, Duffer 2.0, Dauber (Q).
Pelican and I were talking the other day about how some workouts are harder than others, but really every workout can be a tough challenge if you push yourself. So that was my theme today with smaller groups rotating around 8 stations with the PAX and 2.0s pushing each other to complete the reps before moving on as a group. We toured around each of stations doing a moving COP at the start (mainly so I could point out everything and hopefully minimize the questions from Pelican). Here were the stations…Central Park – Burpees x25
Side of Playhouse – box jumps x30
Trolley Car – BBSU x50
Parish Office Lot – Merkins x50
Front parking lot – Gallops to come at end of lot, then 4ct Flutter Kicks x40
Playground – Pull Ups x10 and Dips x40
Dumpsters – Dumpster Squats x50
Back lot – Sprints x5

Obviously everyone was supposed to do every rep, although I hear Backflop was doing reps for his whole team…I won’t name any of the other team members. I was in a group with my two 2.0s who were there (oh yea, I have four 2.0s but only two came to the Nest for my Father’s Day gift…I better be getting some awesome socks from the other two little shits). 
We stopped the stations in time for a quick game of wiffle ball. I was feeling good about my team with Backflop, Wet Bandit and all the 2.0s. Especially since most of the other team had done a pre-Nest run or had started drinking at 2:30 yesterday at Churchill Downs. We got an early lead, but Timeshare led off the bottom of the inning with the only homerun of the game and then flipped his bat and taunted Duffer (part of that is true). Jolly was up next and on his first swing threw the bat 90 mph at Muscle Milk. That kinda set the tone so luckily we hit time after only an inning and a half and no one got hurt. 
We circled up for COT – CoR, NoR, named our FNG (welcome 2.0 Cross Check), Announcements (County 5K and F3on3 tourney), Intentions, and an Our Father
Thanks for another great morning guys. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. 

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