BB – The Planetarium at the Boondocks 06.22.2021

It was a beautiful start to the morning today, and no place I’d rather be then with PAX, Lambeau, Time Share, Holy Roller (R), Viking, Dauber, Bulletin (R), Flex Seal, Le Pew, Yankovic, Abacus, Backflop, meter Maid, Boss Hog (R), Honey Do (Q). Like most mornings, the buzzer went off on my phone and I promptly hit the 5 min snooze, much needed. After the WO I found out Focker hit his to many times. Still, I arrived 10 mins prior to go time, Meter Maid was present. He jumped out of car so, naturally I greeted him and we chatted about the extremely pleasant brisk weather. The rest of the PAX arrived, time was given 0530 and disclaimer provided.

COP – Mosey around playground, exiting early to parking lot, as this would later be part of The Thang.

20 – SSH

10 – Grass Grabbers

DD, RL, RR, R, LR, LL, Into scorpion

20 – SSH

There is a large number of PAX competing in a variety of races from 5k’s, half marathon, marathon, tough mudder and, other challenges. The goal was to provide an extension of that training with a core focused WO.

The Thang

Ladder with the following

10 Merkin | Big Boys

  • Run lap .38 mile, Sprint last 80 yards

20 Merkin | LBC

  • Run lap .38 mile, Sprint last 80 yards

30 Merkin | Gas Pumps

  • Run lap .38 mile, Sprint last 80 yards

40 Merkin | V-Ups

  • Run lap .38 mile, Sprint last 80 yards

50 Curls | Heart Breakers

  • Run lap .38 mile, Sprint last 80 yards

60 Curls | Hammers (IC)

  • Run lap .38 mile, Sprint last 80 yards

70 Curls | FlutterKicks (IC)

  • Run lap .38 mile, Sprint last 80 yards

The Thang duration worked out just about right, Viking being a beast and lugging a ruck headed out on a lap with 2 minutes to 0615, which was fine by me, not wanting to stop in the middle of Wow (Beck). Time was called 1 minute-ish after and we moved to the flag.

COR, NOR, Announcements: 5k at the Nest on 7/10 all race paces (in support of colon cancer), Capture the flag Ruck coming up (see Slack for dets), Tough Mudder on 7/31 registration closing soon (in support to end human sex trafficking) see Le Pew if interested, Intentions.

Until next time… Honey Do (Q)     

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