06.25.21 Back-Blast: Kitty Litter Q @ Abyss

Six pax showed up this fine morning. No, I didn’t say we started off with a six-pack this morning…have some respect, even though it might have been acceptable with our “late” start of 0530. In any event, we began with light stretching, then cruised to the bottom of the boat-ramp to begin our nautical theme.

(The Q just got back from east-coast harbors around Massachusetts, so ships were top-of-mind). So, as we sailed down to the ramp, cranking tunes, we paused for a bit of burpees + big-boys before tacking into the uphill wind clipping at a good pace up the hill to Flat Rock Ocean (Rd) for some flutters.

The Thang on board the vessel (bball court):

At the stern, hit 10 man-makers… then bear-crawled forward to bow for Supermans….Lunge-walked aft for 20 overhead coupon presses + 20 tricep presses at stern….then a swim (mosey) down to “the island” before heading back to the ship.

Then we rinsed & repeated four times with some slight modifications on board to mix it up each round…including coupon curls & more flutter-kicks. Ended with a few minutes of Marys at mid-ship. Well, we got what we paid for.

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