Back-Blast Saturday 08-07-2021 – BO @ Bayside

Quite a few surprises at Bayside this morning. It started with a text from Pelican at 0515 looking for a ride to Bayside. After celebrating his birthday at 3rd Turn last night, I assumed he was joking and was going back to bed after throwing up or something…but he was serious, so I scooped him on the way (it’s not on the way.  I drove 10+ minutes out of my way…just sayin). Surprise #2 was Pelican not hurling on the drive to Bayside. 
We arrived a couple minutes early and several of the Bayside crew were there or rolling in. We started with 6 and ended with 7 PAX… Schotzie, Borland (R), Charolais (R), Mr. Mom, Pelican, Ted Lasso (FNG…late addition), Dauber (Q). 
We warmed up with a lap around the parking lot and COP – SSH, Grass Grabbers (there is some weird $hit at Bayside…when I was counting cadence there was an eerie echo but only seemed to be during Grass Grabbers), Michael Phelps / Kendra Newmans, Downward Dog.
We headed over to the concrete football field for the main Thang. If you have not been to Bayside before, they legitimately have an entire football field marked off on the parking lot which was perfect for the workout which was a variation on my VQ…a touchdown drive. It went down like this…We started at our own end zone with 5 ManMakers and then traveled with coupons progressively to each 10 yd increment for an exercise and then back to the end zone for 5 ManMakers each time.  Exercises were…10x Thrusters at the 10yd line, 20x Overhead Press at the 20yd line, 30x bent over rows at the 30yd line, 40x squats at the 40yd line, 50x Curls at midfield.

Everybody was killing it and pushing themselves. We were pretty much on pace together which was awesome. Pelican had not thrown up yet, was cranking through exercises and somehow talking more than he usually does during a workout (it was next level Pelican-ing). 
Props to Charolais as well who never takes a short cut on ManMaker form. While I’m giving props…another goes out to Borland who was right next to Pelican so had to workout through the alcohol fumes that Pelican was sweating out. 
Back to the workout.  Continuing our touchdown drive, we dropped coupons but all reps were doubled as we entered the opponents side of the field….(10 burpees at each return to our end zone)… 80x SSH 4ct at the 40yd line, 60x jump lunges (30x 4ct) at the 30yd line, 40x flutter kicks 4ct at the 20yd line…
As we returned from the Flutter Kicks, I believe it was Mr. Mom who spotted a guy who was arriving for a soccer tourney and within seconds had headlocked him to join us for the last 20 minutes (welcome FNG Ted Lasso from Lexington…he was there to coach his youth soccer team)
We continued now with 7 of us…20x merkins at the 20yd line, then an AYG run the length of the field. Ted Lasso had fresh legs and could roll, so I was pumped when he randomly ended up on my team for the relay races that we did next. Schotzie seemed to doubt that it was random, but he was rolling also so the race was pretty close. Pelican still had not thrown up. 
About that time I also noticed an old guy (might have been a ghost) running laps around the field. I really think it was a ghost so we didn’t attempt another headlock. 
We circled up for a modified Mary with a bunch of Ab exercises plus burpees and Merkins. 
Time was called and we circled up. Ted Lasso had to bolt as his team was arriving for their game which had to be awesome for him to explain what the hell he was doing. 
CoR, NoR, Announcements (F3on3, monthly ruck, happy birthday Mr Mom), Intentions (Schotzie, Sadie, Husky) and a final Prayer. 

Lots of surprises this morning but no surprise that it was an awesome morning at Bayside. 

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