BB – 08.07.2021 – The Nest at The County.

Weather 70ish degrees and a bit on the warm side, 8PAX slowly exited their cars 2PAX finished a 6mile run and began to circle at the basketball court near the single blue bench. A few mins before 0700 Rob(FNG) introduced himself. Rob a transplant from SC, HL’d by Hot Tamale who fartsacked just to make Rob’s morning more interesting. Eventually, Rob was named El Nopal so I think El Nopal got the last laugh.

PAX Present – Holly Roller(R), Brown Water, Geisel, Octodad, Timeshare, Yankovic (R), Jitterbug (R), DeVitto, El Nopal (FNG), Honey Do (Q),

COP: Mosey around church/school/Chapel back to start, SSH, Grass Grabbers, DD, Toy Soldiers.

Thang1: Move to sidewalk where we did 20 curls for the girls, run to other side of lot, 20 Hands on head bend overs, Bernie back and reduce by 2 each time until PAX reaches 2.

Staying in the same area, next was 11’s (bench press, run across lot, calf raises, Bernie back).

Thang 2: Circle up for burpee break down, starting with YHC we did 10 Merkins, 10 Squats, 10 Overhead press. We continued with the same exercise around the circle, each PAX taking a turn calling out. Next, we moved to the overhang for StepUps 25 each leg.

With 9mins left we mosey back to coupons and finished with Mary. The church bells started to chime, and time was called. I was extinguished, I looked at Geisel who ran 6miles with DeVitto prior, beast! Great job HIMS. It never fails, each morning that I make to ITG, I grow more humble standing in the presence of the PAX. It makes me a better husband, father, Son and Friend. Until next time. Honey Do

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