BB – 08.09.2021 – Minuteman at The Patriot

The La Grange courthouse was lights out, fenced up, but ol Colonel William Oldham was still standing strong. That’s where we meet Yankovic (R), Focker, Holly Roller (R), Air Raid (R), Ruby (R), Captain Crunchberry, Virginia Slims, Shade Tree, Deputy Dog (FNG), Honey Do (Q). The weather was warm, and the air was thick, I gave the disclaimer loud and clear with one FNG in attendance. YHC planned a high intensity work out, so we start with COP: Toy Soldiers, DD, Mounting climbers, Nuclear to 10.

Thang 1: Run Heartbreak hill, circle back at parking lot for Dora, Partner 1 runs to about 20yard to sidewalk while partner 2 works, flip steps.  100 Merkins, 150 lunges, 200 squats, 250 air presses.  Extra credit 300 calf raises (Ruby / Focker). Run Heartbreak hill.

Monday always seems to be a tough day to get out of bed, but I was jazzed to Q. My motivation of late has come in the form of Holly Roller. He’s got crutches, backpack with a coupon, giving it all he has to better himself… Seriously, If I was in the same condition, I guarantee that posting would not even have crossed my mind. Closed out with BOM.  – Honey Do

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