Back Blast – Wisteria @ Pleasantville – 08/06/2021

Rolled into Pleasantville with a few headlights and cars in the circle, which is always a great sign. Rolled in and was great to see Mankini coming back out – and lucky for him I had a coupon with his name on it in my trunk!

Disclaimers provided at 0530am as YNot emerged from his vehicle just as time was being called. PAX included:

  • Mankini
  • Asian Zing
  • Flexseal
  • Sump Pump
  • Mudbug
  • YNot
  • Airplane
  • Jolly Rancher (Q)

Unfortunately, the sprinklers were on at the amphitheater. So, we had to call a little bit of an audible. We started with COT at the place where the flag would normally be…which included:

  • SSH
  • Grass Grabbers
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Downward Dog + Runner Stretches

There may have been something else, but this is good enough considering the delinquent back blast.

Thing 1 – Tabata:

Broke out my favorite Big Bird Dr. Dre tabata song for this one. We alternated between curls and tricep extensions.

PAX crushed it.

Thing 2 Dora:

Mosey’ed over to Main Street where we partnered up for a Dora set that included:

  • 50 merkins
  • 100 dips
  • 150 squats

PAX clobbered it.

Thing 3 – 11s:

Same spot, different thang. Here we did more merkins and box jumps / step ups.

PAX killed this, too.

We then mosey’ed back to the place where the flag normally would be for the next one…

Thing 4 – Tabata x2:

…which was another round of the same tabata as Thing 1.

We then had a few minutes left for Mary. Time was then called and we did the customary COT.

All got more better in the gloom. And fun was had by all.

Jolly Rancher out!

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