BB- The Chopper 8/13/21 – Meter Maid Q

I only previously Qed at Vets on a Thursday nights ruck black ops. If you haven’t been to any of those, they are one of my favorite ruck workouts.

I wanted to bring something special for this awesome and patriotic AO. I decided I would pull out my toys consisting of Sorinex Center Mass Bells aka potted plants (a term from Dauber), GoRuck sandbags, GoRuck Rucker 3.0 with 65 pounds and some jump ropes. There was over 500 pounds of total weight (325 pounds of potted plants, 120 pounds of sand bags and 65 pounds of ruck).

I came early to setup. It was a balmy 75 with high humidity. I placed the toys around the center of Veterans Memorial Park in prep for the pax. I staggered the weights so it would increase as we rotated on the center mass bells and sand bags.

There were 12 pax who arrived ready to sweat and get stronger. They were: BigBird, LadyBird (R) [Emma aka Beggin Strips was there and all fired up; apparently he didn’t take her to workout yesterday and had some extra energy; he also provided the music during the main workout], Deep Dish, Buzzsaw, Alfalfa, Diablo, Newman, Fertile Myrtle, Bombay, Bunghole, Worm [with weighted vest], and Meter Maid Q. My only disappointment was not seeing Tony Malito on his moped.

I gave the disclaimer and we did two short laps around the center of the park. Then we circled up and I did 15 Toy Soldiers IC (a county favorite), 10 Grassgrabbers IC, and Arm Circles forward and backwards.

The main thing was lifting weight. The push for the stations was a 65 pound Rucker 3.0 and/a 50 pound center mass bell. Quite a few pax did the full 115 pounds -woof! One lap around and it caused the push. Here were the other rotating stations – 2 five pound center mass bells (Stein holds – getting ready for the Buschhh beer ruck), 2 10 pound center mass bells (punch out), 2 15 pound center mass bells (curls), 2 20 pound center mass bells (shoulder press), 2 25 pound center mass bells (bent over rows), and 2 30 pound center mass bells (bench press or farmer carry). There was also two jump ropes and three sand bags 20, 40 and 60 pounds for manmakers (Holy Roller would be proud) and weighted setup ups.

We went until about 4 Minutes remained. I concluded with 50 4 count flutter kicks (LePew would have enjoyed this), elevators (learned these from Handbook) and boxer sit-ups OYO.

We did COR and NOR. For announcements, I mentioned the F3 on 3 tournament at the County on 8/14 – be there at 615am for random draws. I also mentioned the monthly ruck on August 20 that Tidwell and I will be leading starting from the County at 7pm. A great way to get all 3Fs. Wear swim trunks to it. BigBird gave some insights on Critically Loved charity. If we raise 1,000 or more, Tidwell will repel down a 10 story building on September 19th. For more information, reach out to me or check mumblechatter.

We mentioned several intentions to pray for and I prayed us out and lead us in an Our Father.

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

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