BB: 8-20-21 Cratchit at the Vets

As I noted in my pre-blast, I really need to make an attempt to get out to the Vets more often. It is so awesome to work out with all of the memorials for our Vets as the background. When Bunghole reached out about Q’ing out there, I immediately jumped on it and I appreciate him reaching out. As I was thinking through what to do the night before, I get from Tidwell asking if he could roll out to Vets with me. I provided my usual response of “Of course” and sent him the pickup time. Then it hit me, this 16 year-old is leading his first ruck that same night….one in which he planned and will lead a group of grown men around the County with Meter Maid. One in which he has volunteered to repel down a building if the ruck raised over $1k for Critically Loved (which we did — thank you PAX). However, he still wanted to get up at 5:00 am that morning, support me at Vets, head to school and then lead the ruck that night…amazing.

We get to Vets early, as I still like to do that when I Q (take note of that Pelican and Dauber). As I was walking up, someone asked if we needed a coupon and said his M draws the line on him traveling with it. I was thinking “man, she does not even let him put it in the car”. I was annoyed, but responded that we will figure it out and at the same time I was thinking “what is up with these Vets guys”. Then another guy shows up with no coupon… I am more annoyed – don’t these guys read the pre-blast! It’s 5:29 and Meatball and Bunghole were talking about how Worm had HC’ed the night before, but did not show. They mentioned how Worm rarely did this, but Kilo was a different story. As we got started and I introduced myself and then started to feel better. The first PAX with no coupon was down range from St. Louis and that is what he meant by his M did not let him travel with his coupon. Then I realized the second PAX was an FNG who found out about us in a Veterans message board when talking about how he wanted to get back into shape. I am sure he was concerned when he saw the Q, but welcome Huey! Then the day really got brighter, Worm showed up! Better late than never. I think he said something about turning off his alarm, but then he realized who the Q was and he could not miss it. We finished COP and then got to the Wienke. It was a simple ladder that I love, as it works upper body, lower body, core and works in cardio. I brought a speaker, but it was clear that Ladybird wanted to control the music, so I let him roll with it. We wrapped up the ladder, hit COT, intensions and then Worm gave an inspiring message to say the first word that comes to your mind when you are asked to describe yourself. Then challenge yourself on if that first word that came to your mind is really want you want to be known for. If not (and most of us would fit in this category), then start working on getting better on what you want to be known for (husband, father, friend, leader, etc). Another awesome trip to the Vets!

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