8.26.21 Back Blast-Temple of Gloom at The O

As Motor Boat likes to be prepared, about 6 weeks ago he was looking for some good Americans to fill up the calendar for August. I wanted to be a good American so I asked him to sign me up. Shortly thereafter Sump Pump reaches out and lets me know that he has the Q the same day at Le Mutt. It would be his birthday Q and his initiation into the 50 and above Respect class of 2021. He asked if I wanted to do a co-Q mashup. Kind of a rhetorical question and I felt honored that he wanted to include me on his special day. Sump is just that kind of dude. Since joining F3 Nation 3 years, 5 months and 20 days ago he has been an example of of what being a HIM is all about. He is a family man, coaches his kid’s teams, takes part in all the F’s, travels to other AO’s (a rarity amongst many of the Mutt fellas [they can’t help it that they’re all BFFs]), and always makes sure to get to know and include others. As a matter of fact, during my first trip to The Mutt he was one of the first guys to introduce himself to me and make me feel at home. Anyway, enough of the sappy stuff. Happy Birthday Sump! Glad to know you and love ya bro.

At 0530 I would have 5 other PAX join me as we would get under way: Alfalfa, Tron, Handbook, Harry Caray, Motor Boat, BigBird (Q). Disclaimer was given and since I promised to hammer home the 5 core principles, we reviewed Core principle #1 (F3 is free of charge) before heading off for a mosey to the entrance to the park.

Next, I explained the importance of COP and how to set up an exercise. COP: SSH, Runners Stretch, RoL and RR and then LoR and LL. Core principle #2nd: Open to all men. Off for a mosey for a mile or so to Pearson funeral home where we would meet up with Sump Pump and the 15 other dudes he brought with him from The Mutt. Pretty sure everyone already knew what was going on but me and Sump are pretty good at acting and playing dumb so we acted like we didn’t know what the other was doing there or who the Q should be. Since we are so nice…we agreed to share.

The Thang: circle up for FIFTY: “F” 50 flutter kicks, “I” 50 Imperial Squat Walkers- Thanks Fridge for letting me know that my form was more hillbilly than imperial. I fixed it about midway through… “F” 50 Freddy Mercuries, “T” 50 Turn and Bounce. A bit hard to explain this one we’ll just say you had to be there. After several groans from the PAX, I decided after 20 reps to drop for 15 Burpees OYO before doing the last 15 T&B. And “Y” for Y not run to the other end of the lot to grab you a nutty cupcake in celebration of Sumps birthday. In order to get us back to our respective AOs, we would split to go home but not before Motor Boat had us all, on the count of three, yell out “Respect!” for the newest member of the club.

Core principle #3rd: Held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold. Start the rerun mosey back to flag.

Stop at the entrance to the park to hold Al Gore to wait for the “6.” Core principle #4th: led by men who participate in rotating fashion with no training or certification necessary. Mosey back from there with a 100 yard “All Out” added in the mix.

Time was called and we circled around the flag for Core Principle # last: End with a Circle of Trust: Made an announcement on signing up for the Iron PAX challenge. Motor Boat asked that we pray for those suffering with mental illness. It was here that all my Q school efforts would be all for not as Alfalfa reminded me that I forgot about NOR…rookie move by your Bird.

Thanked the Sky Q for the group, allowing us to wake up, put our two feet on the floor and to look forward to the prospect of another day.

Until next time…


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