9/9/21 PB IPC W1 The Big Kapowski @ Bayside

  • Exquisite weather conditions for IPC W1: Feels Like 56°; Wind W 3 mph; Humidity 86%; UV Index 0 of 10 No need for sunscreen
  • Just like my flight with Southwest this weekend we will offer a modified service but in this case with the real deal as well! See the map in post to follow and details below
  • Bring a coupon and gloves (Modified only has to jump over coupon)
  • The Wienke: (Modified notes in parentheses)
    • 3 Rounds for time
      1. Every round starts with 800 m run (1/4 mi ~ 400 m)
      2. Every round Murder bunny (Lunge walk any weight or hop ) from 10 yd to 35 yd
      3. Every round 10 shoulder tap merkins (any merkin)
      4. Every round Reverse Murder Bunny (Reverse lunge walk any weight or hop) 35 yrd back to 10 yd line
      5. Change 10 yrd line exercise every round:
        1. Round 1 20 blockees with thruster (10 Flying Squirrel or Thruster w/ 10 lbs)
        2. Round 2 20 Horizontal burpee block jump overs (20 Horizontal block jump overs then 10 merkins)
        3. Round 3 20 Vertical burpee block jump overs (20 horizontal block jump overs then 10 merkins)
      6. Rinse and repeat bullets 2, 3, and 4 then start next round
      7. Website Source: https://f3greenwood.com/category/f3gwd/
  • Cheers! – Slide Rule

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