Pre-blast – 09/11 Anniversary Q – 20 Years Later – The County – 09/11/2021

For many, the events of 09/11 will forever be our generation’s Pearl Harbor, JFK assassination, or MLK assassination. We’ll always remember where we were when we first were notified of the tragic events that would continue to unfold in the days thereafter.

It all started at 08:46am when the North Tower of WTC was hit by AA 11. Then, at 09:03am when the South Tower of WTC was struck by UA 175. Then, at 09:37am when AA 77 crashes into the Pentagon. And lastly, at 10:03am where UA 93 is overtaken by its passengers who then crash in the fields of Pennsylvania.

All of this happened in a little over the normal time we spend on a Saturday during an F3 workout – approximately 77-minutes.

Some facts about the events:

  • 2,996 people perished, including 343 firefighters and 184 people on the planes themselves.
  • Victim’s ages ranged from 2-years to 85-years old.
  • Well over 1,100 of the victims have no biological confirmation of death as they have not been positively identified.
  • The collapse of the second tower only took 10-seconds to crumble.
  • Only a handful of survivors were pulled from the rubble after the collapse of the two towers.
  • After the attacks, it took 100-days to extinguish all of the fires at Ground Zero.

Come on out to The County with me to honor the fallen.

All gave some; some gave all.

Jolly Rancher out!

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