9.18.21 Back Blast: The Nest @ The County-Cochran & BigBird Co-Q 4 yr Postiversary

Not too long ago Timeshare, The Nest’s newest site Q, was trying to fill up the calendar. One of the dates he was looking for was this day. Pretty sure this was right at about postiversary time for me and my boy @Cochran. Would double check https://f3louisville.herokuapp.com/pax just to be sure. Check and confirm and immediately signed up myself and Cochran as Co-Qs. Cochran non reluctantly acquiesced…and so it would be. We touched base a little bit beforehand but when you know each other like we do…like peas and carrots…peanut butter and jelly…Atticus Finch and To Kill a…some kind of bird…you just roll with it. As Y-co-q-HC flew into the lot, I was totally humbled to see a strong group of 17 other PAX in attendance, some of who just finished a 6 mile run! (Woof!)

PAX: Timeshare, Tenderfoot, Do-si-do, Holy Roller (R), Jolly rancher, Buckshot, Brown water, Aerobie (R), Giselle, Jerry Maguire (R), Captain crunchberry, Yankovic (R), Bulletin (R), Pelican, Meter Maid, Dauber, Cratchit, Big Bird (co-Q), Cochran (co-Q)

0700 and it was time to get under way. Cochran looked at me, I looked back at him. We nodded our heads and…Let’s go!! Start out by by getting in a nice warm up mosey of about half a mile around the county. Pelican kept being disappointed that we didn’t stop at normal possible stopping spots. Maybe on other days brother but this one was going to be a bit out of the norm. Setting the tone for a “push yourself” type of morning!

Get back to the flag and circle up for COP: SSH (half in double time), Grass Grabbers, Abe Vagodas, Plank, Peter Parker’s, Mountain Climbers, Kendra Newmans, & Michael Phelps. Aerobie seemed to be impressed that this was a well choreographed Co-Q! Welp, Cochran’s a lawyer and your Bird’s an actor…Nice job my Co-Q brother…we got em fooled once again!

Thang 1: Tabata time!…C’mon you’re not surprised are you? Bird’s round: Shoulder to shoulder coupon press to a Tabata Game of Thrones beat: my gift to my Co-Q. Cochran’s round: Curls for the Girls to a Boondocks Tabata beat. If you weren’t there you missed Cochran’s fantastical jig. Dem Sidebottom Boys woulda been proud! Recover and set up for Thang 2.

Thang 2: EMOM (every minute on the minute) for 15 minutes of 5 pull-ups, 10 Merkins and 15 Squats. It was here that Bulletin reminded me that today was National Talk Like a Pirate Day. Your Bird half considered talking like a pirate for the rest of workout but when I announced this to the PAX it was greeted with some groans and some looks of disbelief. I decided to digress and instead opted to just get after it with some motivation playing in the background by Billy Alsbrooks. PAX showed grit, determination and fortitude. Something special happened on this day (aside from you know…the 4 yr postiversary thing) and it can only be explained by saying, “you had to have been there…”

Recover and with about 16 minutes to spare Cochran whispers in my ear, “Jack Webb with some Mary?” Aye! Let’s do it!

Mosey to the flag and circle up for a Jack Webb of Merkins and Air Presses. Let me just tell you…Cochran was feeling it, convinced that the halfway point was only a third of the way through (of course Dauber was on point to remind him), cheering dudes on while shredding his shirt going absolute Beast Mode! Again, the solidarity was on point as we were a group of warriors unified, as we rooted each other on to get to 40/10

The next move was questionable by my Co-Q as he asked Holy Roller to take lead in the first Mary routine. Holy Roller did some shit about doing Man Makers with the start and end with your coupon over head. Pretty convinced that HR would’ve taken us to the end but Co-Q redeemed himself by telling HR that would be quite enough. Do-Si-Do would pick up with some BBSU’s, Jolly would get us doing Box Cutters and of course Pelican would follow with some Heart Breakers. And a perfect ending with the Site Q, TimeShare bringing us home. Time was finally called and I feel like I’m not alone with the feeling like that was the longest hour ever!

Circle up for COR, NOR and COT. We had a lot of announcements for 10/16 as you can pack food, give blood and have some solid 2rdF all in one day! Professed some intentions and reminded the PAX that the turtle didn’t get to the top of the post without a little help from his friends. So honored to be amongst at this group of HIM and lead with my best, good buddy Cochran!

Until next time…


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