9.29.21 Back Blast: The Foundry @ The County

I’m not normally one to make a big deal out of my birthday and don’t usually look to schedule a birthday Q. However, when The Foundry’s newest site Q (Meter Maid) had some dates to fill I figured I’d help a brother out and sign up and since it was the day before my birthday I would offer up a special kind of beat down. As 0520 approached on Wednesday morning, I came in the back way to set up by the portico. It was strange because there was a dark blue Acura SUV that was in front of me and going very slowly. And since this is not the normal way County regulars enter I would turn on my observancy skills to make sure this wasn’t a creeper meeting up with someone else to do what creepers do at rest stops. This mystery car let me pass in the back lot of the chapel and I still couldn’t tell who it was. Now I’m starting to grow more concerned. I dropped off my stuff and went to go park. As I get out of my car the SUV pulls up next to me, rolls down his window and would play your Bird a personalized birthday song. Aw shucks Sump Pump…thanks for making an awesome entrance! 11 other dudes would show up ready to see what had up my wing.

PAX: Yankovic (R), Brown Water, WILDflower, LePew, Sump Pump (R), Time Share, Hardwood, Meter Maid, Cochran, Single Source, Asian Zing (R), Holy Roller (R), BigBird (Q)

Load up Coupons for short mosey of about 50 yards and stop for COP: SSH, Grass Grabbers, Hillbilly Walkers, Plank, RoL, RR, Pigeon Stretch, switch and do the same thing on the other side, Hold Plank and then do 15 IC Plank Jacks followed by 5 Burpees. Rinse and repeat-o.

Throw coupons up on our shoulders and mosey to the back lot behind the chapel and return back past the portico for Tabata. 8 rounds with 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off of wall sits with coupons over head. Recover and prep for the main Thang.

The Thang: Wall to curb with 22 reps on one side, bear crawl with coupon (or other form of travel of one’s choosing to modify) and then 22 reps on the other side. The total for each exercise would be 44 to help celebrate the years of life I have had on this planet. The exercises would be Curls, Thrusters, Skull Crushers, Squirrels, Shoulder Press & Lunges. We would finish off with 4 Man Makers on each side.

The Fun: well…not really as for some strange reason I didn’t have any wifi or data capabilities whilst outside…in the wide open. I intended to play the muppets song Manamana and we would SSH for the duration of the song and drop down for a burpee every time they sang “manamana.” But since I couldn’t get it to work I would go ahead and sing the song and PAX (mostly Cochran) would shout it out at the appropriate moment. This lasted about 30 seconds when I’m pretty sure we all had had enough of that and I decided to call it, gather up our coupons and head back to the flags.

Due to the technical difficulties we had enough time for some Mary. I asked Meter Maid to call out the first exercise. He called out Flutter Kicks and we would go past 10, past 20, past 30…I thought he was going to get us to 50…or 100…but nope, he gave me a nice little birthday surprise and stopped at 44! My Bird brain didn’t even see that one coming! Nice work MM and thanks for that! Time was called.

We would circle up for COR, NOR and COT. Runners: Cratchit, Virginia Slims and Captain Crunchberry would join us. We made some announcements (big day on October 16th: Freed to Bleed, Dare to Care and LePews County Fair) and said some intentions. Closed us out with an Our Father.

One final exercise for those that cared to join: A 50 ml curl to help celebrate my ensuing birthday. Thanks fellas for making my birthday Q one I’ll never forget. And thanks again to Sump Pump for playing Happy Birthday, blaring from his car speakers as he pulled out of the lot.

Until next time…


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