Backblast – 11.30.2021 – Planetarium at the Boondocks.

Another month in the books for 2021. I guess you could say 11 down and just 1 more in 2021 to Post, Q, get better, bring out that FNG, or to get out for the 1st time in a long time.

I must say the weinke was solid, my implementation was almost not. Thanks to Focker for saving me with a gentle reminder that ladders start at the bottom each round.  11 PAX in attendance: Tammy Faye Baker, Focker, Lambeau, Single Source, Bulletin(R), Yankovic(R), Flexseal, Backflop, Virginia Slims, Honey Do(Q) had a healthy Honey Do list.

Disclaimer provided followed by a mosey, SSH, toy soldiers, DD, groiners & maintain climbers.    

The Thang – Ladder with 1/3mile mosey after each progressive step.

·        10 Big boys – 10 Merkin

·        15 Not so lazy boys – 15 overhead press

·        20 Gas pumps – 20 Merkin

·        25 Heart breakers – 25 Thrusters

·        30 American hammer – 30 Merkin

·        35 Little Baby Crunches – 35 Burpee

·        40 Flutterkicks – 40 Curls

With 1-minute remaining, the PAX knocked out 30 Flutterkicks IC to the 0615 mark. We circled around the flag for COR, NOR, Announcements and Intentions.

Always humble to be ITG – Honey Do

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