Back blast – 12.7.2021 The Loco at The County

#PupDaddy strong this morning with 29 at the Loco and many more ITG wearing Blue to love and support our brother Hush Puppy after the loss of his Father aka “Big Tom” aka “Pup Daddy”.

PAX Hush Puppy, Pelican, Bulletin (R), Cratchit, Sputnik, Focker, Jolly Rancher, Devitto, Meter Maid, Crock Pot, Viking, Valdez, Fungi, Double Down (R), Methane (R), Dauber, Bob Ross, Little Jerry (R), Kitty Litter, Cochran, Virginia Slims, Jitterbug (R), Captain Crunchberry, Abacus, Timeshare, Wildflower, Tidwell, Hardwood, Honey Do (Q).

Credit to Pelican for the idea to wear blue ITG and to come out strong to the Loco.

Weather: 24 degrees warm, just right for a PAX of F3 brothers.

Mumblechatter: On Point with strong pockets of chatter. 

Disclaimer. Followed by COP: Mosey to top lot, SSH, Toy Soldiers, DD, Mountain Climbers, mosey back to start.

Thang1: Coined the “Big Tom” PAX form a circle, IC complete 64 reps of each exercise. Word to the wise the BIG TOM looks a lot easier on paper.

B – Big Boys

I – Imperial Squat Walker (IC

G – Gas Pumps (IC)

T – T Merkins

O – One Leg Burpee

M – Monkey Humpers (IC)

By the end of the Humpers YHC legs were burning deep. To get everyone’s legs stretched out I called a full lap around the county. Once back in the circle formation we moved on.

Thang 2: Elevator waterfall: On your six as PAX1 calls out a number 1, 2, or 3. Each number represents how high to lift your legs 1 = 1ft off the ground, 2 = 2ft high and, 3 = 3 ft high. Moving around the circle each PAX call out a number about every 3 – 5 seconds. Completed 1 round.

Polishing off the final 4 mins with Mary: Honey Do call the 1st exercise OH press to make good use of everyone bringing their coupon. Moving to the right, Wildflower called out some fast and slow pickle pounder next, Kitty Litter put the final hurt on use with 30x OH skull crushers before time was called.  

Closed out with COR, NOR (big circle of HIMS), Announcements: Upcoming “Dare to Care” for the month in December on 18th be on the lookout for post on Mumblechatter from Jitterbug. Monthly Ruck will be Dec 18th starting at 1900. Check #MumbleChatter or #Rucking for details from Focker. Intentions: For Big Tom and the whole Hush Puppy Family.


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