Pre-Blast 12.13.21-Minuteman@Patriot – Kitty Litter & Ruby Mash-Up

Here’s what’s going down: A mashup dubbed “Ritty Luby” or “Kuby Ritter” or ….well, it’s really not that important. What is important is the work. First, your upper-body will be worked until it feels like your legs got a decent workout…then your legs will receive the Hurt-Implant until you wished we were still working the upper-body. Bring a coupon or heavy weapon of your choosing (and an FNG!). Recommendation– You’ll need a nice & easy recovery day come Tuesday. Here’s some helpful suggestions: (1) A gentle 1/4 mile stroll with light stretching; (2) A warm bubble-bath with classical music playing; (3) a workout at Vets or one of the Posh’s. -KL & R-

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