Back Blast 14-Dec-2021 Tuesday the Planetarium at the Boondocks 05:30 Big Bird, Pew Pew, Crock Pot, Brown Water (Co-Q Mashup)

Why plan just any plain old Co-Q mashup when you can put together an all-star (debatable) lineup that actually tells a story? I’m not directly calling everyone else out on their lack of imagination, it’s more of sarcastic, passive aggressive mention.

Today’s Q lineup was themed like an old school rural KY dinner. First you have Big Bird. All of sudden, Pew Pew!! The next step is obviously using the Crock Pot. A good meal needs to be washed down with a glass of Brown Water. [Editor’s note: YHC was informed during the workout that some of the PAX loathe preparing meals so much that they prefer the Brown Water as a prerequisite to using the Crock Pot. I should’ve seen that coming…]

Another thing I should’ve seen coming – more than one PAX commented about how YHC finally provided a decent Q (by getting people better than me to do most of the work). Perhaps that was intended as a slight, but THIS WAS THE PLAN THE WHOLE TIME. I would sign up for more Qs if I could get better PAX to do them for me haha.

Now, time for the details.

PAX: 18
Meter Maid
Honey Do
Big Bird (Co-Q)
Single Source
Le Pew
Brown Water (Co-Q)
Bulletin (R)
Pew Pew (R) (Co-Q)
Yankovic (R)
Crock Pot (Co-Q)

Weather: 33 deg F, with F3 Louisville’s best view of today’s Geminid meteor shower (Planetarium, duh?)

YHC is not a professional, nor has he received any certification or training. Everything Q says is merely a suggestion. You as a PAX are here voluntarily on your own free will. This will likely be a high intensity exercise, so if you have any medical condition or physical limitation, you should consider not participating. You are encouraged to modify everything as necessary according to your ability, disability, injury, fitness level, etc.

Warm Up:
Big Bird led a mosey to the road and back, immediately followed by a COP of:
Side Straddle Hops
Toy Soldiers
Copperhead Squats

Thang 1 [Big Bird]:
10 minute EMOM of:
5 burpees
10 Carolina Dry Docks
15 Bonnie Blairs (SC)

Thang 2 [Pew Pew]:
Tabata (45 sec work / 15 sec rest) of:
Mountain Climber
Calf Hops
Bobby Hurley
Hello Dolly
Side Straddle Hop
High Knees

Thang 3 [Crock Pot]:
We lined up our coupons along the driveway/parking lot. Then we did a reverse waterfall of gasser sprints (the short way across the lot) and reps of an exercise. 1 Gasser, 1 Coupon Rep, 2 Gassers, 2 Coupon Reps until a new set was called. At that point all PAX start back at 1 and build up with the new exercise.
Sets were:
Gasser + Overhead Press
Gasser + Coupon Swing
Gasser + Squat (PAX choice of weighted or unweighted)

Thang 4 [Brown Water]:
Elevens with Coupon Curl on the high side and Jump Squat on the low side.
Brown Water also led Mary of:
Russian Dancer
Flutter Kick


The December Ruck has been indefinitely postponed so PAX can assist the recovery/rebuilding effort in Western Kentucky.

Crestwood Methodist is running their annual Christmas food basket delivery effort this Saturday. Sign up to be a packer and/or a deliverer.

Yankovic is going to serve in W.KY with Samaritan’s Purse later this week (join the western KY relief effort slack channel for more efforts like this).

A ‘meal’ was the theme of this Co-Q mashup workout. In what is called the sermon on the mount, Jesus Christ himself said, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.” (Matthew 5:6).

Particularly when we meet tragedy face-to-face or real dire need, a meal is the best gift you can give someone. But it goes deeper than that. Jesus was describing something deeper and more impactful. The message for today is a challenge for the PAX to be BOTH the person who provides for the physical hunger of a neighbor but also be the kind of person who hungers and thirsts for righteousness.

The Deeley family and our brother Hush Puppy. Husky as he recovers from his surgery on Friday.

NakedMan Moleskin:
The meteor shower was quite the entertainment. Focker was counting meteors out loud as he saw them. This included a (loud) “Whoa, there went one” as we were quietly doing intentions during COT. At one point I was concerned he was going to run into a parked car during elevens because he was looking upward the whole time. Focker’s meteor count was 21.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, poor Meter Maid didn’t see a thing. I don’t know if he had his glasses on backwards, he doesn’t know what a meteor is, or if he just works out with his eyes closed. At the end of the workout he said he saw one, but he did so with so little conviction I think he was just trying to move the conversation along.

Until next meal,
Crock Pot

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