Back-Blast Wednesday 12-15-2021 – Foundry “Mash Up” Heavy @ The County

Not sure if this was what Jewel had in mind for a “mash up” Q, but Pelican and I teamed up to provide the PAX what each of us does best. 
I laid out a great plan for a well structured heavy workout consisting of challenging exercises that Pelican can not do because of his injury. I wrote the exercises on a sheet of paper that no one could read. I could not really figure out how to use the timer properly on my phone. 
Pelican brought a pretty sweet playlist, modified all the exercises (serious props to Pelican for staying engaged and doing what he can at workouts even when rehabbing), and provided a running commentary. 
Timeshare, Brown Water and Meter Maid joined us this morning. 
Here is what went down…After disclaimer was given and confirmed we circled up for COP at the playground… Toy Soldiers, Grass Grabbers IC, Kendra Newman’s / Michael Phelps, Copperhead Squats.
We stayed right there for the Main Thang which was rotating stations with (3min of 20x set AMRAP exercises) and between each rotation for a “break” everyone did 5 Pull Ups and 10 Merkins (everyone but Pelican).  AMRAP stations (which were in order even though Meter and BW somehow skipped a station):
Dumbbell Curls; Chest Press; Flutter Kicks with plate overhead, Reverse Curls, Overhead Press, American Hammers with plate, Bent Over Rows, Skull Crushers, Battle Ropes, Lateral Raises.
Timer was a mess but we somehow ended all 10 stations at exactly 0615.  Circled up for COT – CoR, NoR, FNG, Announcements, Intentions (many….but in particular our brother and sisters in Western KY and for Hush Puppy, Prayer

– Dauber

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