12.9.21 Back Blast: Temple of Gloom @ The O

Speaking of good dudes, Handbook is another one of em. Since he first joined the cool kids club back in September of 2019, he Site Q’s, he rucks, he travels and…he’s inclusive. Case and point, the night before I was set to Q the BOW, he reaches out and says, “May have an FNG tomorrow. He’s a guy I grew up with that’s been having a difficult time lately. I think he needs us pretty bad.” That has to be a testament to the type of dude he is if a buddy of his who he has been out of touch with, when going through a tough time, leans on our boy Handbook to help him work through it. I love a good FNG story and I was hoping this was going to be one of them. I told Handbook that I would make him feel at home and promised not to go Merlot hunting like Jewel likes to do.

0529 and all PAX were ready to go when one more rolls out of his car ready to see what this F3 thing is all about.

PAX: Harry Caray, Tron, Russdiculous, Flo Jo, Handbook, Pork Chop, Fergie, Alfalfa, Gomer (FNG), BigBird Q

I’ve been stuck on palindromes lately for some reason. Maybe it’s because my daughter won’t stop saying “taco cat” or maybe it’s just because there’s been a bunch of em for the first 9 days in December. I decided to embrace it and make the workout geared around the palindrome and make it look the same backwards as it did forwards. After the best disclaimer ever (you know…so our FNG is keenly aware that I am not a professional and to modify whenever necessary) we would set off for a brief mosey to an open lot about 300 yards away.

The whole thang: Flutter Kicks, BBSUs, SSH, Grass Grabbers, Imperial Walkers, Runner’s Stretch, Mr. Ponchos…Native American run around the green space and head down to Briar Hill Rd. From there we would start at the bottom of both hills with 3 burpees. Run to the top of one hill and 10 Merkins. Back to the middle with 3 Burpees and then up the other hill for 10 Bonnie Blairs. We would go down one rep each time, always knocking out 3 burpees at the middle. We would get to about the number 5 (a good mid way point to head back. Head back to the park and did a Native American run back to the open lot where we started from. Mr. Ponchos, Runner’s Stretch, Imperial Walkers, Grass Grabbers, SSH, BBSUs, Flutter Kicks and then mosey back to the flags to call time.

A few highlights: Catching up with my Cinci connection, Flo Jo to talk about Dem Bengals. At least 3 PAX thought Tauren had made it back out (it was cold out you know so we were bundled up and it may have been hard to tell). Russdiculous couldn’t be fooled however. He said you can always tell it’s Alfalfa because he blows past everyone. Russ says he just tries not to get lapped. None of us were successful on this day as Alfalfa lapped us all! Finally, the naming of our FNG Gomer. Porkchop thought he said his last name was Pyle so we should name him Gomer. His last name is actually Powell but all agreed Gomer would still work. Confirmation from Tron came that there was already a Gomer but he hadn’t been back since his first post. So he let Gomer be Gomer and if old Gomer comes back out he gets to be Goober. Nice job to Gomer as he pushed through to finish and even showed up to Vets the next day! Atta Boy!!

We closed out by making some announcements and lifted up some intentions. We thanked the Sky Q for allowing us to put our two feet on the floor and look forward to the prospect of another day. Thank you men for making it out with me!

Until next time…


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