12.16.21 Back Blast: The Moonshiner @ The Boondocks-Mash up

You can totally tell that 1) Pelican misses being out. 2) Pelican misses Dauber more than being out….So…it was about 0527 and Pelican was already there eager to flex his wings. Dauber gets out of his car and barely gets himself into the lone amber lit streetlight at The Boondocks when Pelican takes note that Daubers shirt is all wrinkled. Pelican was all over it and didn’t hesitate to let an opportunity like this pass him by. Now let me tell you that Dauber misses Pelican back because my bet is that he pulled out that wrinkled shirt knowing that it would get some attention from Pelican. The thing is, it was a dry fit shirt to boot so that would be enough fuel to last P at least 45 minutes.

PAX: Virginia Slims, Dauber, Bulletin (R), Watercolor, Meter Maid, Honey Do, BigBird (Q), Pelican (Q)

0530 and we would get Pelican settled down enough so that we could get our disclaimer out of the way and get a quick mosey down to the street and back to get loose.

COP: Your Bird would start us out with the 1957 song from Bobby Day: Rockin’ Robin where we would SSH for the duration of the song and drop for a burpee whenever we heard ‘rockin’ robin.’ Pelican would take over and have us do 7 IC Toy Soldiers followed by 3 Copperhead Squats. Either he is out of practice because A) he forgot that we at least go to 10 or B) he has gotten himself that out of shape. You be the judge. Did a couple of Mr. Ponchos before…

Bird’s Thang: get ourselves down to the basketball court and would complete the Thang to the longest song about a free bird there is that would last 9 minutes and 3 seconds. While the song was playing we would: 10 merkins on one end line Broad Jump to the other, 10 Jump Squats and Lunge Walk back. Rinse and repeat-o until the song was over. Couple of things here: 1) Pelican said I stole his idea for jump squats and broad jumps so he was going to have to “wing it.” 2) It was fortuitous that P found a basketball so that he could do layups while we worked. He would also use this ball a bit later.

Pelican’s Thang: 5 BBSUs, 10 V-ups, 15 jump over line left to right. Lap around the park and rinse and repeat-o until Pelican told us to stop so that he could make good use of the basketball that he’d found and see who was the best at shooting free throws in the dark. He told us to pick someone to shoot knowing that if there was a miss, a penalty would follow. Virginia Slims, pretty close but still a miss. Run down and back. Watercolor, not too bad but still a miss. Run down and back twice. Meter Maid (great at forecasting the weather but not so much at shooting free throws in the dark), with all of his muscles would hit the tippy top of the back board. Run down and back 3 times. Honey Do, thought he had it and barely missed. Run Down and back. Dauber aka Mr. Clutch drains it with a “nothing but net” shot. Pelican’s lesson: know who your talent is…was this a complement to Dauber??? Not intentional I assure you.

Mosey back to the flag with a couple of minutes to spare when Pelican asks, “you got another song about birds?” Yes sir! You know I do!

Circle up and Hold Plank for the duration of the song, “I am a Pelican” and would get in three T Merkins after each time we would hear “Pelican.” This was short lived as Pelican would be sure to call time at 6:14:59.

Circled up for COR, NOR & COT. Made some announcements (meal delivery in Crestwood on Saturday morning put on by Slim’s parents for the past several years) and said some intentions. Prayed for the people affected by the tornadoes. Bulletin reminded us that from his experience in Brandenburg the recovery process is arduous and relief efforts are needed long after the initial cleanup. Pelican closed us out with some thoughts from the heart and led us in an Our Father.

Until next year’s mashup….

-Your Bird Brothers

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