12.18.21 Back Blast: BO @ Posh- Worm & BigBird mashup

I’ve been waiting for this mashup since the mashup was a thing especially since Worm likes to say…”early bird gets…Worm.” When newest site Q extraordinaire Bacon asked me to pick up the Q, I jumped at the chance to ask Worm to join me. I reached out to our slimy underground dweller on Monday the 13th, two days before I would find myself on a road trip with him, Diablo and Meatball to go to Bowling Green to help with relief efforts. The Lord does work in mysterious ways. I got to be on the road with these “goodish” HIM for about 4 hours not including a whole day worth of 3rdF volunteer work with some other fantastic F3 representatives. On the road I learned a good deal about life and how to be a hard, witty, smack talking sombitch. Your Bird was quiet in the backseat and Worm would would question whether or not I was still there…but I was…quietly standing by….taking notes. One note in particular: did you know that when Meatball goes on a “field trip” he always packs his pickle separate from his sammich and also rolls his Coke can in foil for extra insulation? Apparently that’s a J-Town thing…maybe just a Wheeler thing….

…Anyways, on this trip I would get to know Worm a bit better and past his sliver tongue, callous exterior, he is a one of the best dudes you’ll meet and as cliché as it may be, would give you the shirt off of his back…but he’s still a dick…

I digress and onto the meat and potatoes. 0659 and I’ll admit a lot less dudes than I expected but 1) some of the best workouts are those that are in tight, small numbers and 2) you couldn’t ask for a better group of 5 other dudes to be apart of what unfolded.

Imma go right past COP because Worm and I know how to get dudes warmed up. I want to focus on a few other life lessons. Life lesson #1: Always carry TP in your vehicle. At first I wasn’t sure how this became a topic of conversation. There was a pre-ruck after all…But as we mosey to The Bridge for Bird’s thang Worm says, “so Bacon, you sure you got TP in your truck?” To which Bacon affirms there is TP in his truck. Since I’m writing this blast (albeit profusely behind…) I’m allowed to say that The Worm musta had the Sh#t scared outta him for what your Bird had in store because Mother Nature served up a beast that had to be unleashed. Worm exit stage right. About 7/12 minutes later, as we were doing Bridge work, he would pop out of the brush like a Ho Cho Minh and scare the sh#t right outta your Bird.

Ready yourselves for Life Lesson #2….how timely is that?…#2?! If someone has TP in their truck and they forget to unlock said truck, giving you access to aforementioned TP…..you’d better be prepared to use your gloves…which gives way to…

Life lesson #3: make sure you come equipped with a pair of gloves that you are willing to leave behind….in the woods….on top of, or around your work…waiting for Yogi to come find.

We’ll, now that I’ve imparted some newly found wisdom, I’ll tell you that Worm finished the rest of Bird’s thang, Bacon is a beast for working through uncomfortable injury and Jewel never ran out of things to say.

We would recover back at the startex and with all that went on you wouldn’t think there would be time for anything else. WRONG…we were only halfway through! Worm put us through a Beast of a coupon workout that left our upper body gassed…and then we ran a loop after each round! Rinse and repeat-O…X3! Everyone worked hard! Everyone got better!

Recover for some Mary and it just got more weird. We’llI’ll spare you the details and just say that with the morning we had with the company in attendance, you can use your imagination.

Time was called and we circled up for COR, NOR and COT. We announced what was up and coming and lifted up intentions for those that needed them.

Thank you boys for making it out and Worm…what say we put it on our calendar for a 2022 mashup…minus the visit to Brown Town….

Early Bird got…Worm

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