Pelican BB-12.31.21 BlackOps at the Station

The workouts at the Station were always some of the best. Sometimes you’d have 2 people there and other times 15 (when the train blocked the County). I thought it was be a good idea to run back the NYE weinke from last year since the shit show of a year happened again.

Speaking of shit show, next time Worm tells me which tree to poop on at Vets I’m probably going to do it. Luckily my house is sort of on the way of the 45 minute drive from Vets to the Station. A quick pit stop and I was at the Station on time.

I arrived to a text from Jolly, who may be the Nantan but doesn’t out rank Crunchberry on the fire department, that I would need to move my previously approved CC Q location. Apparently there was a fire run—in all seriousness prayers for those impacted and thanks to the men and women who volunteer their time and put their lives on the line to help. Ok enough of the serious stuff-we then engaged in a very long discussion about where was the best public place to drink beer at 7 AM in the morning. The very back of the fire house was the winner narrowly beating out a woman’s backyard, a couple of church properties and a law firm.

During the workout and even at Waffle House after we amazed the firemen with how hard we workout at F3. Some highlights of the workout (which is us standing around drinking beer and talking about our year) were Jitterbug not knowing we weren’t really going to workout, LePew wearing “regular” clothes as he received 6 of his 18 sliders for the day and none of the PAX listening to me when I said say one thing you are thankful for this year and one thing you are looking forward to for next year. Most of them recited the stupid letters their Ms wrote and mailed with their Christmas cards.

Oh and Big Bird wanted an extra beer I think so he compared my coaching to Nick Saban.

All in all, it felt good to get together for some 2nd F as we get ready for Iron Horse next year. Also as an aside you don’t have to complete the IHC to get a shirt you have to buy one—kind of like a marathon shirt.

We did CoR, NoR (look on slack if you want to know who showed up), announcements and intentions.

This was my first backblast in about 6 months—looking forward to more in 2022.

Happy New Year everyone!


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