Back-Blast 01.24.22 Motivator @ Abyss – Kitty Litter Q

Four pax showed up and exited cars at 0529…savoring every last drop of pre-post heat. After a brief set of greetings (and some mild mumble-whining about the temps), off we went. Took a short mosey down to the boat ramp to make sure the lake was still there. Did some light SSHs, easy stretching, and snapped off 10 quick BOYOs. Moseyed back up to the B-Ball court for a little set/travel/set/travel exercises (El Thango)…

Hit all the muscle groups from big-to-small, then back to big…all without stopping the movement. Between exercises, we employed various forms of “travel”: Bear Crawls, Lunge Walks, Murder Bunnies, etc. “After it”, we thus got! -KL-

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