Back-Blast Friday 01-28-2022 The Gladiator in The Abyss

There are so many great things about F3 and each morning in the gloom is unique. This morning we had a small group which led to some great mumblechatter about proteins, skid marks, knee injuries, and some black market powder that Kitty Litter buys off the dark web (forgot the name already). 

We also had an REM playlist and a pristine snow covered Abyss to start the workout which was pretty cool.  PAX – Backflop, Bob Ross, Kitty Litter, Dauber (Q).
After the disclaimer we took a short mosey and then COP –  Grass Grabbers; Kendra Newmans / Michael Phelps; Downward Dog.
The main thang was a repeat of a Q I ran at the county over the summer – HUNDRED YARDS OF SUCK. 10 cones were set up 10 yards apart taking the main Abyss road.  The workout was pretty simple as we coupon carried to the last cone and back to complete an exercise at the first cone, second cone, etc. until completing the full hundred yards.  Exercises were 10 Coupon Swings; 20 Overhead Press; 30 4ct American Hammers; 40 Derkins; 50 4ct Flutter Kicks; 60 Bent Over Rows; 70 Coupon Squats; 80 BBSUs; 90 Chest Press; 100 Curls.  
No one complained about laying around in the snow for many of the exercises, but I complained constantly about having to lift my coupon (yea, I know it was my Q but I still don’t like lifting stuff).
The other PAX lift stuff pretty well so we wrapped up the hundred yards with enough time for another mosey before COT.
We circled up for CoR, NoR, Announcements, Intentions, Prayer. 
It was a great morning. 
See ya at the banquet tonight fellas (assuming it is a real thing)

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