1.29.22 Back Blast: The Nest @ The County

After a great time at the awards banquet Friday night, 0515 came pretty darn quick. I say 0515 because 1) I would need to hit the snooze at least 3 times and 2) adequate time was needed to put on all of my layers and be sure to pack extra layers to change my suit from a runner to a Q. First thing I do once I sit up and put my feet on the floor is to check the weather. Now, I try to be as quiet as possible in the morning so as not to wake the M but on this day I couldn’t help but making a vocal expletive exclamation like Ralphie after he spills the hubcap full of lug nuts. Needless to say, it does wake up my M and concerned, she asks what the deal is. I say…”it’s 8 degrees!” Half asleep she says, you’re not really going are you?” C’mon Steph…you oughtta know me better by now…At least I would be running before the Q to warm me up and would have Virginia Slims, DeVitto, Glowsticks, Ted Stryker & Kitty Litter to join the run to distract from how cold it actually was. At about 0657 and after 5.37 miles Brown Water pulled in just ahead of us ready to wake up, get warm and own the weekend. I get to my car, drop my goodies off at the portico and change out my hat to represent dem Bengals (Who-Dey!!) 0700 and time to get under way!

PAX: Glowsticks, Timeshare, Brown Water, Lambeau, Focker, DeVitto, Sputnik, Kitty Litter, BigBird (Q)

Disclaimer given and we would mosey with our coupons to the top lot in front of the school for…

COP: SSH, Imperial Squat Walkers, Runners Stretch, RoL and pigeon stretch. Back to neutral and repeat-o on the other side. Stay in plank and get in some Mountain Climbers, Plank Jacks and X Factors. Recover with a quick ten count from our FNG award recipient, Lambeau. Load up our coupons once more and mosey to the lot behind the chapel for…

Thang 1: three sets of 12 reps of slow and concentrated coupon curls and skull krushers. Load up our coupons and head to the portico for…

The next thang: three rounds of 10 burpee box jumps followed by a lap around the school after each round. Side note: Brown Water and Focker who weren’t too far removed from suffering through COVID slapped it in the face and beasted it! Recover and head to the playground for…

The next thang: 10 minute EMOM of 5 pull-ups, 10 merkins and 15 squats. Even though we had been moving the whole time, the 1925 metal monkey bar setup would freeze our hands and work its way through our bodies bringing us back down to earth on how cold it actually was. In Dauber’s abbreviation….cold af!!

Recover and get in a couple of sets of wall hand stands and wall sits. Recover, load up our coupons and head back to the flags (pleural because the Ghost Flag is back home).

3 minutes left and just enough time for the final Thang: Bird is the Word song by The Trashmen. While the song was playing we would do each for 35 seconds: Burpees, Makhtar N’Daiyes, Mountain Climbers and Plank Jacks.

Time was called and we would circle up for COR, NOR, and COT. Made mention of Dare to Care and the February Winter Olympics Ruck. Check Slack for details up and coming for both. Lifted up the intentions that we hold in our hearts and asked The Sky Q hear and answer them if it is in His will. Thanked this group of men for making the decision to climb out of the fartsack on this single digit degree morning to work together to get better. Closed us out with an Our Father.

Until Next Time…


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