BackBlast 2.1.22 at The Max @ Bayside

Firing Pin 2.0
Charolais (R)
Ruby (R)
Grandpa Bear
Slide Rule
Banana Bread
Diane Dukes
Jewel Q

I’ve been looking forward to this Q. The last time out, Shuttlecock dislocated his shoulder, so I needed to get back out there and make it through a Q without putting someone on the DL.
So, we kept it simple. Back To School theme

Grade level = # of reps. After each grade, run the perimeter of the parking lot.
1st grade: Manmakers
2nd: T-Merkins
3rd: Lunges (3 each leg)
4th: Mt. Climbers IC
5th: Thrusters
6th: Front Raises
7th: X-Factors
8th: Overhead Press
9th: Skull Crushers
10th: Curls for the girls
11th: Squats w/ coupon
12th: Burpees

2 people graduated with honors. The other 8… are going to summer school.

All worked hard, all got better. Slide Rule decided it wasn’t hard enough and ran with his coupon a few times. BEAST.

Announcements for Dare to Care and the monthly ruck.
Intentions were made.

We have a great privilege to be a part of such a special group. I hope no one takes it for granted, and if needed all take advantage of the support that can come from a group so powerful and united in helping to enrich other men’s lives.

Always an honor to lead.

SYITG- Jewel

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