BB-Pelican Q-2/1/22 Loco

The County is back. We showed up in huge pre-COVID numbers today as everyone was super excited for my Q.

I’m only going to name 9 of the countless PAX who were there though –
Hush Puppy
Crock Pot
Lady Bird
Meter Maid
Pelican (Q)

Gave the disclaimer and took our coupons to the portico. By ours I mean theirs, mine was already there waiting for me, probably should have drove to pick it up after the workout too. Once there we went to the front cause that’s where you do COP at the county.

There were two very smart PAX in attendance today with glasses (according to my 2.0s and the shows they watch if you wear glasses you are smart, I tried it once and didn’t work), then we had one with a beard and one with a dog. And Crockpot who wasn’t any of those guys. We did the following—

Grass grabbers (CP can’t follow directions and did SSH for some reason)


Copper head squats

Kendra Newmans/Michael Phelps (other way but whatever, hard to edit on WordPress on your phone while in the bathroom)

MM approved downward dog and stuff

Then we went the short way back to the portico and got ready for the thing—

Partner work, one partner did the stuff on the board (see picture) and other ran a lap-short way or long way was fine. Only one person needed an explanation for Pelicans, assume everyone reading this knows what those are.

Highlights of the workout include Hush Puppy telling everyone about the first nascar race that is outside or inside or in a circle or on Tv or something like that. He was as excited about that as Meter was about the first land nav thing where somehow no one got lost in the woods or eaten by a bear. We did go from two smart PAX to one—assume Gisele’s glasses were foggy and one of our bearded pax lost some of his beard but luckily he had a replacement. The Viking/Giselle and WF/HP combos somehow were faster than the JB/LB and Pelican,MM/CP combos but we all got past pelicans and at least to the big boys sit ups. The play list had no ads and amazingly very few complaints from the PAX.

Meter gave the 5 minute warning (usually it’s like a 12 minute one) and we headed back to the flag. My coupon made it to my car before I crushed it in my hands.

We did all the stuff at the end—announcements included that car race thing (oh it’s the first one with 4 wheels), dare to care, Winter Olympics, Viking Q and maybe one more thing. We said our intentions and closed with a prayer.

Always good to lead the Loco, next time I Q I’ll name everyone there.



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