2.5.22 Back Blast: The Ruiner @ The O

I have never been one to participate a bunch with pre workout ruck events. Maybe in part because when I do get out before a workout it’s to log some running miles. Perhaps the other part is because on Saturday mornings I choose to hold on to every last bit of sleep and stay in the fartsack for as long as possible. But on this frigid February morning, I would feel myself inclined to get out for at least a couple of reasons. 1) I love me some Harry Caray and 2) it would be a good way to get up, get moving and get my head right before a Q. It’s true what they say. Rucking is one of the best ways to put in a bit of work and to get to know guys on a deeper level. Motorboat (mumble chatter extraordinaire), Fertile Myrtle, Stick Up, Harry Caray and your’s truly would be our crew and some of the topics covered: faith, jobs, Minnesota, Vets, extra curricular activities in Cincinnati and the current lack of drug testing. Rucking be like a box of chocolates! We would finish up at 0652 with Harry giving us a bit of time to change our gear and make a pit stop before getting under way. We would lose one but picked up three by the time 0700 hit.

PAX: Vincent (R), Harry Caray, Stick Up, Tron, Fertile Myrtle, Handbook, BigBird (Q)

Disclaimer was spoken and made a special announcement to give extra caution due to the uncertain terrain. Goal here was to keep moving for the whole hour so our bodies didn’t have a chance to figure out that it was cold af.

Mosey around the tennis courts to get loose before COP: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Grass Grabbers, High Knees & Butt Kickers. Recover and mosey to the Waldorf School benches for…

Thang 1: Jack Webb of 1 Derkin to 4 Dips until we got to 10 and 40. Triceps were smoked! Recover with a couple of 10 counts and head to the grass in the park for…

Thang 2: Series of sprints. All out across the field and mosey back. R & R for a total of three sets. On the return mosey back, continued our mosey on the running path to the front of the park for…

The next Thang: Jack Webb of Lt. Dans – 1 jump lunge (each leg a half) to 4 squats until 10 and 40. Prior to we would get in some runners stretch and quad stretch to make sure our legs were warm and loose. Recover and return mosey to the tennis courts for…

The final Thang: 11’s of Burpees and Plank Jacks. Recover to the flags and had just enough time for 25 IC Flutter Kicks.

Circled up for fist bumps, COR, NOR & COT. Made some announcements and lifted up our intentions. Prayed for Vincent’s wife’s grandmother who passed away at 95! Vincent said she was cutting her grass up and until 2 years ago, so for Mutters that’s about 93 years old!! A lesson can be learned here about staying active. Motorboat, Fertile Myrtle and I were talking during our ruck about something similar but in regards to how humans are meant to stay busy, active and productive. Without that we are like the flower that withers away without water. Thank you to the men that answered the call to be busy, active and productive with me this morning! Closed out with The Lord’s Prayer.

Don’t be just good…be great!!

Until next time…


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