March “M” Challenge

As I understand it, the “M,” in F3 lingo, represents the Most important relationship in our lives…our Wives. They are our partners in crime. They are our best friends. They are what makes us a better man. They understand that we are all little boys at heart and need to go play with our friends. They think it’s weird. They wonder who we are, getting up at zero dark thirty. They hear stories and have no clue who anyone’s hospital name is but somehow always remember names like Bunghole, Charolais, Peeping Tom, Bacon…I could go on… I hope your M is like this because I know mine sure is. It is for that reason that I offer to you…The March…M…CHALLENGE!!!

Normally, February is the month of love. However, I don’t know if you’re aware of this or not, (I sure am now thanks to Slide Rule) but March is Women’s History Month. And our women…our M’s…deserve some love no matter the month. So I saw it fitting to reintroduce…

The CHALLENGE…Challenge…challenge: First and foremost, this is not anything you have to report about, or post to, or share. This is a You V You…for your M, challenge. The object of the game is to, at some point, during the month of March, plan a date night for you and The M. Don’t tell her about it. Set up the night, arrange for childcare, do something completely unexpected (also, if I knew how to add a footnote on WordPress it would be here and to remind you to [like a ninja] make sure she doesn’t already have plans for you). Next, take her on a date and show her the best time that she’s had since before you were married. Then come home and do whatever. If you need some help maybe play a little Al Green or

The Final Thang: and this is the important part…write her a back blast. But Bird, what is this Back Blast you speak of?? Check this out…

For me the Back Blast has always been about trying to produce an adequate representation of what went on during the workout for whomever wants to read it. I likely put too much thought into it, but you know what? If one person reaches out to me and says, “hey, nice back blast,” then I know it touched them in someway. It makes it worth it to me. Who knows? Maybe it’s the glue that keeps someone coming back out?Imagine now if you were to take that same thought process and take the time to write up an account of what the experience was like for you…the planning….the date…the way she still makes you feel…and deliver it to her as a love letter of sorts?? Imagine the impact that that would have. When we say, “let us go out and be better husbands”….etc. This gives us another way to put it into action and show our appreciation for all that she does and all that she is.

That is the challenge men, should you choose to accept it. Good luck…and Godspeed!!

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