Backblast – The Incubator at Posh – 03/07/2022

Nothing beats a workout in the pouring down rain – especially when it’s mid-60s outside. And yes, for those eagle eyes my pre-blast from yesterday that had the weather forecast was from Miami – not Louisville. Not sure it fooled anyone though.

Gear included a single layer for the first time in 2022 – it felt great to not be slowed down by multiple layers of clothes.

As I was driving to Posh, the rain started to come down. So I arrived and went ahead and set up under the pavilion where the following PAX joined me:

  • Jitterbug (R)
  • Ladybird (R)
  • Fertile Myrtle
  • Stick Up
  • Jolly Rancher (Q)

Always great to have more than the Site Q join me on a raining day – so thanks, PAX, for making the effort and embracing the suck.

Time was called and I provided the disclaimer [I think?] and went straight into the COP, which included the standard Jolly Rancher fanfare of:

  • SSH
  • Grass Grabbers
  • Downward Dog + Runners Stretches
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Mosey around the spray ground parking lot

The Thang 1 – Ladder for Arm Day:

I pulled this weinke board from my cache because it felt like it’d be a good one to do with the rain. So, we stayed under the pavilion for the ladder work, but then for each rung we set out for a mosey around the spray ground parking lot – with the option to cut it in half if you wanted [which I did a few times].

Ladder consisted of:

  • 5x – Manmakers
  • 10x – Coupon Swings
  • 15x – Coupon Merkins
  • 20x – Dips
  • 25x – Whoops, this one was missed as Jitterbug noted. Freebie.
  • 30x – Skull Crushers
  • 35x – Overhead Presses
  • 40x – Coupon Squats

Again, after each set you’d do a lap. Then come back and start from the bottom and then another lap, etc., etc.

We ended with a few minutes early to do a round of Mary with each PAX calling their favorite. Big Boy Situps, X-Factors, Flutter Kicks, LBCs and a Plank were what was called.


Countarama, namearama, announcements and intentions. Lots of activities upcoming – including Monthly Ruck led by PK [March 26], Freed to Bleed [March 27], and Convergence at The O [April 23].

Always humbled to lead – even in the pouring rain.

Jolly Rancher out!

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