Pre-Blast 03.09.22 The Range at The Patriot: Kitty Litter Q

Tomorrow morning’s the day when we’ll have enough Pax at The Esteemed Patriot to physically pick up and move that sad-looking courthouse that’s up on jack-stilts. We’ll call it the Community Coupon, and if we have 30+ (and a few FNGs) we can do a giant Murder-Bunny, nay, a Murder-Elephant while getting as jacked as the building!..and the LaGrange civic leaders will thank us for saving them so much filthy lucre. Then they’ll write glowing stories about deez HIM. (But I’ll send LaGrange a bill anyway so we can pay our F3-Louisville upper-management the kickbacks they’ve become accustomed to).

The Weinke Board is in its final stages of assembly & quality control, so there’s that. But just in case we aren’t able to move that building as far as we hoped, best to bring your own coupons and some mosey-kicks to the show. Then drive home to your M…who will confuse you for a “Chad”. SYITG. -KL-

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