3.5.21 Back Blast: The Hurt @ The Mutt

Friday afternoon, 3.4, I ask Frosty if there is a pre Hurt ruck. His response a short, sweet and to the point, “0600.” He would later say that it was likely going to be just the two of us. All good with me. I was immediately looking forward to some one on one, quality Frosty time. As 0600 came upon us, we were joined by my boy, Digiorno. Thanks to the IHC, I’ve come to appreciate the pre rucks. They offer a bit of time to wake up, move around and enjoy some good mumble chatter with your brothers. We covered ground, an array of topics and as post time came closer found a cut through familiar to Frosty that would put us right back at our startex. 0658 and it was nearly time to get get going. I now know where the 1, 2 or 3 minute past start time happens and it’s not always because extra time is given to Tiger to show up. I got into a side conversation and when I glanced down at my watch it was 0702. Guess I’m starting off on the right foot for a Q at The Mutt. Perfect time to get going. Disclaimer was given and off the 11 of us would go on a mosey around the campus.

PAX: LaMarvelous (2.0), Taureen, Sump Pump (R), Digiorno, Wham!, Soft Top, Backdraft, BUSCHHHHH, Fridge, Deuce, BigBird (Q)

We would circle up near the Fish Fry area on the side of the church for COP: 10 Nuclears (I got it right this time), Grass Grabbers, Hillbilly Walkers, Runners Stretch, Pigeon Stretch, Quad stretch and finished out with some Mr. Ponchos.

Short mosey to the front of church for a few sprints. “All out” for the length of the lot and mosey back X 3. Recover and mosey over to Carl’s house for…

The Thang: 11’s…or 22’s…however you choose to view it Soft Top. We would start at Carl’s (the corner of Cherrywood and Leland) 10 Mountain Climbers mosey to the corner of Cherrywood and Ormond for 1 burpee. We would then go down Ormond to the speed hump, 10 Mountain Climbers and back up for 1 Merkin. Repeat that sequence for 9, 2 & 8, 3 etc. As we do what we do and modify as necessary, we were broken up into three groups: group 1 leading the pack, group two doing their thing and group 3, a young man (La Marvelous) working in the middle. Now, I don’t know how old he is, maybe 8?, but he wasn’t hanging with his Dad. He wasn’t walking around just waiting for this thang to be over. He was pushing through the whole time with a smile on his face. Mentally strong that one is. The Force is present within that youngin. Hard work and grit was shown by all. We would recover for a brief story about how Carl’s car was stolen out of his driveway. For those that don’t already know, use caution in leaving your car running in your driveway…even if you live within spitting distance of a church and school.

Return to the flags and still had a few minutes to spare. We’d work out our legs by getting in some Sumo Squats, Jump Lunges and stretch em out with some Squatty Potty’s (ask Abacus). Rinse and repeat-o. Three minutes of Mary where PAX would call out an exercise. La Marvelous got his chance and his IC counting was on point.

Time was called and we would stay circled up for COR, NOR & COT. Made announcements about PK’s Amazing Ruck Race, Freed to Bleed, and Buschhhhh’s St. Patty’s Day celebration starting Saturday at 0700 at The Mutt O’Kennedy. To those that haven’t been, you never know what to expect but two things you can count on: fantastic 2rdF and a pint of Guinness. Lifted up intentions for Hamm’s father and for all of those we hold in our hearts. Thanked the Sky Q for this group of men and closed us out with His prayer.

Until next time…


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