BB 03.09.22 – Patriot – Kitty Litter Q

We had a solid group of 11 show up, which was good given what looked like rain/snow conditions at 0500. Somehow the precipitation let up and that wasn’t even an issue. After some light banter and some even lighter COP stretching & warming up, we jogged our coupons to what I call “Big Lot”. Dropped cinder blocks and headed down HB Hill (maybe it’s an Abyss thing…every time I go to the Patriot, I just gotta go down there and back for a warm-up mosey). Hustled back up for El Thango:

This was DORA-style, but instead of one partner “recovering” with an easy run, we had the traveling partner perform a less-enjoyable distance-covering: Bear-Crawls, Murder Bunnies, Lunge-Walks, etc. The “home” exercises weren’t anything complicated: 200 ‘Merkins, 150 Thrusters, Big Boys, Man-Makers, Other Stuff, etc. Oh, and 200 “Manatees”, compliments of @Yankovic doing extra research on the Exicon site. All together, it was a glorious time at the Patriot. I’m always honored when they ask me to Q what’s becoming Sacred-Ground AO. -KL-

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