3.18.22 Back Blast: The Baptizer @ El Jardín

This was my first time getting the nod at Friday’s Baptizer workout. The Garden Goons know how to bring it so I wanted to make sure I put together a wienke stiff enough to meet their expectations. This would also be the day after St. Patty’s day and round 1 of the NCAA Tourney so I was pretty confident that The Garden wouldn’t have their normal strong showing…so I had to make sure A) my pre blast was out early and enticing enough to get some participation and 2) I had to do some recruiting. I knew Dukes as the site Q would show so we would have enough for a workout. At a 2rdF event I had to do very little coercion to get Husky to commit. I reached out to O’Neil and let him know that I had the Q and asked him to consider coming out. He said he would be there donning his Teva Sandlers. Dukes had posted on mumble chatter and Jewel and Bacon threw out their HC’s. And so it would be. We had our 6.

0530 and in a rare F3 moment, all who sent out their HC’s showed up. Disclaimer was given and off we would go for a mosey up The Baptizer to get loose. Stopped in front of the school for some SSH, Grass Grabbers, Sumo Squats, Runners Stretch & Quad Stretch. Mosey on down the backside and recover at the coupon cache. Grab a coupon and prep for…

Tabata: 8 rounds with 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. Set 1: Thrusters, set 2: skull krushers. R&R until Dr. Dre told us that time was up. Recover and mosey down to the lower lot for…

The Thang: The Longest Mile. This is a CrossFit benchmark workout where we would do four rounds for time. Each round would consist of the following: 10 Burpees 100m run, 10 Squats 100m run, 10 Merkins 100m run, 10 BBSU’s 100m run. Once finished one mile would be completed. A few things here: Jewel beasted through this and knocked 5 complete rounds. Bacon would have done the same but he had to take a few to give a piece of himself back to Mother Nature (never underestimate the importance of keeping 2 ply in your vehicle). He was no doubt moving even faster after he lightened his load. Husky never ceases to amaze. As uncomfortable as he might be or how hard it is knowing that his stamina is down he still comes out. He still pushes through. He constantly inspires without that being his focus. Dukes was doing his job being a solid site Q and giving company to O’Neil. Side story about O’Neil (Paul Burke). I’ve known Paul for about 20 years and I’ve tried to EHL about two years ago. I’m sure some of his other St. Pats acquaintances had been working him too but he started coming out on his own on March 3rd as part of a Lenten promise to incorporate something extra in his life that would help him to become mo better. Good call on that one O’Neil.

After the Thang we would have just enough time to knock out a Jack Webb of 1 BBSU to 4 Flutter Kicks. 0615 and time was called. We mosey over to the fantastic shovel flag that Dukes had made and circled up for COR, NOR & COT. We made some announcements and lifted up our intentions. YHC thanked the Sky Q for this group of men and for allowing us to use our bodies to do something difficult to start our day. Ball of Man for the Lord’s Prayer.

Until next time…


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