Huggies Q The Cliffs @ The Garden 4.12.2022 Pre Blast (Leg Day)

The highly esteemed site Q council at the Garden have decided to do something a bit different going forward. Instead of seemingly random workouts, we decided it would be nice to have a predictable workout plan on a given day.

Therefore, starting tomorrow, we will introduce a rotation. This is the pilot week and Dukes, Nino and I will be leading our respective workouts. The rotation will go as follows:

T 4.12 – Lower Body
R 4.14 – Upper Body
F 4.15 – Full Body

T 4.19 – Full Body
R 4.21 – Lower Body
F 4.22 – Upper Body

T 4.26 – Upper Body
R 4.28 – Full Body
F 4.29 – Lower Body

The will hopefully give all the PAX a chance to have a known workout schedule and hit all muscle groups. Don’t worry. Cardiac and core will be included in each workout.

So tomorrow is leg day! Don’t miss out!


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