Pre-Blast Tuesday 5/10/2022 – Planetarium @ The Boondocks

The Boondocks is gonna be poppin’ tomorrow. I am pretty pumped up about the workout I just thought of. It could go awesome like I envision it or it could go horribly wrong. Either way you prolly want to be there to find out. There will be lots of running and you need a coupon. At least half of you need a coupon. Everyone bring a coupon and we will figure it out when we get there. Or if you coordinate with a buddy, just bring one coupon between the two of you. No, scratch that…everyone just bring a coupon…or a ruck. But preferably a coupon. Half of you need one (a coupon), but just bring one no matter what and we will have enough…for the workout…which is gonna be awesome. We will run also. And coupons.

– Dauber

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