5.10.22 Back Blast: The Loco @ The County

5/3, and after an Asian Zing (R) birthday celebration under the portico due to the wet conditions Hush Puppy accidentally on purpose forgot to grab the shovel flag. Since I was the last one to roll out I grabbed it with the intention to post at The County the following Tuesday to return it. A couple days later Puppy would ask where I was posting next followed up quickly by asking if I would grab the next Loco Q. 1) I’m a sucker for a call out. And 2) I always love laying down a good one for my County boys especially in an effort to #mtcga. Now, I’m not normally one to pronounce that a workout will be tough but on this day and off the heels of Jewel’s blast on Slaughter’s Twitter post about “Doing the hard thing,” I was inspired to make this one hard and advertise as such in my pre blast.

As 0530 approached I see two of my OG faves emerge and right away I knew that this was going to be good day. 9 other dudes made their way to the circle ready to work, eager to see what your Bird had under his wing.

PAX: Gisele, Jolly Rancher, Dot (R), DeVitto, Hush Puppy, Double Pump, Gilligan (welcome back!) Ma Bell (welcome back!) Alexa (welcome back!) WILDflower, AirRaid (R),
BigBird (Q)

As disclaimer was given there was some good energy ITG flipping on my Q juice switch and with that, off we would go for a mosey to the top lot.

COP: SSH, Imperial Walkers, Grass Grabbers, Runner Stretch w RoL and RR and bring it through and sit on it for Pigeon Stretch (not Caitlyn Jenners…you know…cuz I’m a bird…) R&R but on the other side. Mountain Climbers and Plank Jacks. Recover, mosey back to the start, grab our coupons and circle up for…

Tabata: Since I had Alexa and Gilligan back for at least a day it seemed appropriate to bring back something that I’d tabled for a bit. Round 1: Shoulder Raise w/coupon Round 2: Skull Krushers. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for 8 ttl rounds.

Recover and head to the green space for…

The Thang: 11’s – On one end start with 10 thrusters. Run the length across the field and do 1 burpee. Keep after it doing 9 & 2, 8 & 3, so on and so forth. Guess what you Bird discovered? Apple Music! I was given 6 free months and figured I’d give it a whirl. Well I think I may have unlocked a secret door of awesomeness as I can download all of my favorite motivational speeches and songs (I know guys…welcome to 2022, right?) to share with the PAX to help us whilst putting in work to accelerate to that next level. Jolly was unaffected as he was complaining about having his feet get wet even though there was no rain. Gilligan vowed not to talk to me again so that was a sign that it must have been a good one so far. Another sign that it was a good one: Alexa didn’t have too much to say. Hush Puppy, Gisele and WILDflower were feeling it as they visibly kicked it up a notch. Dot, MaBell, Double Pump and AirRaid were quietly beasting through clearly letting Biggie’s lyrics ignite the fire. And DeVitto? We’ll he was on a whole nuther level. If this workout was like football practice he’d be ready for two-a-days. He left us all in his grassy dust.

We all finished together and quicker than I had planned. So after a couple of 10 counts we’d have time to knockout out a set of Lt. Dan’s. (1 squat to 4 jump lunges until we got to 10 and 40) WOOF BOYS!! Lemme just tell you, your County Boys made no excuses (maybe except Jolly again about having his feet get wet…), came prepared to work and work we did. We had just enough time for a bit of Mary before time was called.

Circled up for COR, NOR & COT. Made some announcements and said some intentions. Thanked the Sky Q for this group of men, for allowing us to use our bodies to do something difficult and for the prospect of another day.

Until next time…


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