5.16.22 Back Blast: The Motivator @ The Abyss

At one time or another hopefully we were all motivated to get out to the Abyss. It really is a fantastic site. You have a playground for pullups, a basketball court for guys like Pelican to tell you how awful you are at basketball, a portico to keep you dry, benches for dips and finally, offers a 1.5 mile loop with the most serene lakeside views where if you’re lucky you can see the moon at the start of your workout and see the sun rise by the end. The unfortunate part is that as it was gaining momentum, it had to be moved to 0500 at a couple of different times (understandable as site Q’s were trying to make it work while being a HIM at home and helping to get their kids off to school before heading out for work). While that was happening F3 Louisville was starfishing, giving PAX more options that might be closer to home. The last final push came during the Iron Horse Challenge but it just couldn’t get the attendance to continue the justification of an official AO. The decision was made (from the handful of PAX that regularly attended) to go back to making it a black ops location. This Monday would be the last Monday that we could call it the Motivator.

As I pull in, Kitty Litter was getting us setup. He had picked up the flag from off the ground that was sitting next to a lonely coupon where the Site Q was kind enough to drop off at some time before 0530. Kitty Litter and I would be working together for this one. Can’t say that I’m disappointed because KL has come to be one of my favorites. He has helped me out of a couple of binds (I have a feeling that’s how he rolls offering to lend a hand to whomever is in need), he shows up and puts in work all around the region and is always there to motivate, inspire and pick up the 6. We worked hard on this day utilizing the basketball courts to burpee, murder bunny, mountain climb, mosey around and other such nonsense. The work didn’t seem much like work though as the mumble chatter was on point. We covered all of the topics but most importantly, Kitty’s ensuing birthday in June where he will officially (by F3 standards) earn respect status. Looking forward to making a big deal out of that one! Sometimes 45 minutes seems like two hours and sometimes it goes by in a flash. It almost seemed that as soon as we got underway it was already 0610 and time for a bit of Mary. Solid work with some great company! Hate that The Abyss didn’t last and that this was the last official workout but glad me and my boy Kitty Litter got to send it out with a bang!

Counted off, said our names out loud and offered some words of encouragement to each other. In the words of my man Ice Cube…Today was a good day!

Until next time…


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