5.23.22 Back Blast: The Incubator @ Posh

Look at our boy Stick Up graduating from Site Q to 1st F Q! It’s always good to see men accelerating, injecting the region with fresh ideas and objectives. One of the last things he would do as outgoing site Q of the Incubator would be to fill up the calendar to make for a smooth handoff to Methane. Which by the way, if mtpga (making the posh great again) is a thing, Methane has certainly done a stupendous job in a short amount of time. Ed’s been keeping solid consistency and Bacon’s done pretty alright too on Saturdays…This past Monday would be the last of his scheduled Q’s and he made me promise to deliver a good one. Now, I don’t usually like to grab other dude’s wienkes but when I was at the County the week prior for Fungi’s return Q, it was such a fantastical full body beatdown I knew I had to share it with my Poshies. As a matter of fact as I was being beat down, I was envisioning how it would go and how I would utilize the space. I knew then that I could deliver on Stick Up’s expectations.

As I pulled into the lot come Monday morning (just under the wire, per the norm), we had a good crew ready to seize the day and start their week off ready to get more better gooder. PAX: Iceman (R), Methane (R), Jitterbug (R) Dot (R), Kitty Litter, Stick Up, Edward Scissorhands and yours truly as QIC.

0530, disclaimer was given and we would jump right into some COP: Grass Grabbers, Toy Soldiers, Merkins (IC) and some runners stretching. From there we would throw our coupons on our shoulders and mosey around the lot to the opposite end where the Thangs would take place.

Thang 1: Tabata: 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off with two different exercises for eight rounds. I can’t remember what they were now cuz that was Monday and shame on me for getting my BB out so late. But it was Abacus approved.

Next Thang: Fungi’s circuit – Coupon Swings, Coupon Squats, Curls, Skull Krushers, Overhead Press, Merkins. We would ladder it going 10 reps of each. Would then “all out” to the halfway point of the lot and then mosey back to the starting point. We would R&R going 15 reps then 20 then back down the ladder. PAX beasted through this and we finished a lot sooner than expected. Had time for…

The final Thang: 11’s of Jump Lunges and Burpees.

Recover and head back to the flags to finish up with a little bit o’ Mary.

Circle around the flag for COR, NOR & COT. Methane was our “6” so we got reacquainted to learn who brought him out, how long he’s been coming out and how he got his name. Made some announcements, most notably the Murph that Diablo is putting out Monday morning at Posh. All gave some, some gave all. Come out and work hard because we can and in memory of those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Thanked the Sky Q for this group of men and for giving us the prospect of another day.

Until next time…


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