BackBlast 6.2.22 -Cloverfield @ The Garden w/ Jewel

The preblast was simple, “I’m going hunting.” And while I may have not been completely successful, there was a moment where I would have made a sizeable wager that merlot was imminent.

1. PacRat (DR)
2. Huggies
3. Bear 2.0
4. Nino
5. Latex
6. Instadoodle
7. Minnow
8. Husky (R)
9. Mountain Momma
10. Diane Dukes
11. Jewel (Q)

Disclaimer was given – Not a professional, modify as needed.

Weather was RIPE for a modified (read “harder” Slaughter start… 10 BOYOS + 10 Krakens – the groaning started immediately.
Mosey up the Baptizer to the school parking lot… can’t let that HR get down.
Abe Vigodas
Toy Soldiers
DD/ Runners stretches

Quick mosey to the coupons for the Thang
at the bottom of the Hill of Stolen Souls
20 Coupon Hopovers (each side – total 40)
10 Ghedoras
5 Manmakers

Mosey all the way to the top by the Boy Scout Trailor
20 Lunges
10 X-Factors
5 Krakens

Most everyone completed 3 rounds. With the few minutes left, we headed over to Bristol for a 2x reverse lunge walk from speed bump to speed bump and sprint up the other side.
Thankfully only had enough time for 2 rounds. Legs were spent.

Announcements were made, intentions were given.

So very appreciative of what this group has done for me over the last almost 3 years. Hard to put it into words. My mental health, physical well-being and most importantly the men I have met, and now consider close friends are such incredible blessings. I can only hope you have benefited like I have.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.

SYITG – Jewel

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